Housing Market Trends Which Are Taking On the World Slowly

By Staff Reporter - 26 May '20 14:08PM
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Is the time right to give your current house a renovation? Or do you feel ready to take a plunge by investing in the current real estate market? Well, it might be wise to listen to your instinct. From a business perspective, investing in the current real estate industry makes sense. That's because the financial sector was plunged into disarray by the housing boom that followed the 2008 meltdown. Currently, housing stocks are on the rise. As such, investing in the housing sector could be a great way to make money. But, before you search for https://securinghome.com/xfinity-stores-near-me/ and place an order for your renovation supplies, you need to know the current housing market trends. 

It's also wise to avoid buying the first house that you come across. The renovation of an ordinary house within your neighborhood should also not inspire you. You're about to part with your hard-earned money. Therefore, make sure that you invest in a property that you like. Choose a structure that reflects your personality. Here are some of the housing trends to consider. 

Mobile Home 

Mobile Home

This is an excellent option for anybody that loves moving around. A manufactured home or mobile house can be moved from one place to another. It has wheels, and it's situated on a slab. Mobile homes were popular in the U.S during the 1960s. They were mostly associated with aspiring musicians that wanted to move around for purposes of their performances. Today, mobile homes are popular among young people that love traveling and discovering the world. 

Nevertheless, a mobile house requires a property where it can stand. As such, you will still pay the association due even if the mobile house is situated in a park. 

Coach House 

Initially, a coach house was a small structure standing on a property where horses were housed and used in carriages. Today, coach houses, also known as laneway or carriage homes, are small units that are detached from main houses. Typically, a coach house is constructed at a yard's backside, and it does not serve the sole purpose of housing animals. A coach house can be used to host guests frequently. 

A coach house provides privacy to both the house owner and guests with the proximity they need. Some people use coach houses as offices or art studios. What's more, a coach house can be an excellent investment because you can rent it out. 

Container House 

Container House

A container house is a home that is made of a shipping container. Building this house doesn't take long because a shipping container is the main structure. This is an already existing structure. This is an ideal house to invest in for anybody that values time. 

Making a container home is relatively cheaper because it uses an existing material that you can find with ease. Environmentalists also prefer it due to its sustainability. Essentially, building container homes saves tons of shipping containers that would go into waste. 

Tiny House 

You've probably heard about the tiny house movement. This is a social and architectural movement that advocates for and encourages people to live in small houses. A tiny house is drastically a small house. Moving to a tiny house requires a person to make a radical change in lifestyle. 

In addition to the small size of a tiny house, it's also characterized by its multi-functionality. For instance, a dining room can also be the living room of a tiny house. A bedroom can also be a living room. Because fewer materials are needed to build a small house, it is relatively cheaper. 


Many people dreamed of living in treehouses during their childhood. Well, this dream can be realized by investing in a treehouse. Treehouses are becoming increasingly popular. The feel of these structures is more rustic. They can also be transported to rural areas. Thus, investing in a treehouse gives you the freedom to escape the hustle and bustle of the town for a while. 

What's more, a treehouse enables you to live in a different world. That's because you live suspended above the ground. Treehouses are common in the United States, Italy, France, and Sweden. Tourists are also renting most treehouses in these countries. 

Cave Home 

People have always had cave homes for years. According to the evolution theory, cave homes appeared for the first time during the Paleolithic period. At this time, the Homo sapiens or the early man species were around. Archaeologists found cave art in many countries in Europe, including Germany, Portugal, and Spain. This art dates back to more than 14,000 years ago.  

Some people that want to lead a simple life in modern society settle in cave homes. A cave home is located in nature. That's where they find natural caves. Tourists can also rent cave homes to live away from the town or city. 

The inside of a cave home can look like a cave. An example of such a cave house can be found in Bisbee, Arizona. However, a cave home can be luxurious with a modern look in the interior.

Underground House 

Underground House

Underground houses do not exist just in films. You can also find underground houses in real life. For instance, the United States has around 6,000 underground houses. People prefer underground houses for varying reasons. But, security is the primary reason why people prefer an underground house.  

For instance, you're likely to survive a natural disaster like a tsunami if you live in an underground house. That's because the house is underneath the ground's surface. What's more, you will be protected from intruders because they might not even know about the existence of your house. 

Energy savings are also another benefit of underground houses. Your electricity bills will be reduced by up to 70% when living in an underground house. This structure is an ideal option for you if you prefer living in a home with cold weather. 

Stilt House 

stilt house

People have lived in stilt houses for many years. People in Slovenia, Liechtenstein, and Austria lived in these houses during the Bronze Age. Today, stilt houses are common in low-lying areas and at the center of water bodies. People prefer them because they protect them from seawater and floods. 

However, some people construct stilt houses because of their great visual appeal. They are common in Australia and the United States. 

Final Thoughts 

Investing in real estate is a risky business due to the high amount of money involved. Decisions that involve houses can also make a person or break them. Nevertheless, a good decision can be made by doing homework first. Just like with other major purchases, conduct extensive research to find an ideal house that's worth your hard-earned money.

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