Biden Must Be Tough On Automakers To Fight Climate Change

By Staff Reporter - 08 Jul '21 20:28PM
  • Biden Must Be Tough On Automakers To Fight Climate Change
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President Joe Biden has set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 52 percent by 2030, according to The New York Times. As President Biden works on steering the U.S. towards a cleaner automobile sector and safe climate, he should ignore automakers' demands for less stringent emission and fuel efficiency rules. Instead, he should reimplement auto emissions for small vehicles, SUVs, and other light trucks to five percent annually, as directed under Obama's regulations. The president is aware that climate change is causing more infectious diseases to arise, not to mention intense drought and heat waves. And he can only achieve his goal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50 percent by setting strict standards for automakers to fight climate change. Below are ways the auto industry can reduce carbon emissions. 

Speed up car electrification

The auto sector aims to reduce fossil fuel consumption and carbon emission through car electrification. Over the past few years, electric vehicles have proven to be excellent solutions for minimizing the impacts of global warming and enhancing air quality. However, to ensure consumers enjoy the benefits electric cars offer, automakers should focus on electrifying the entire automobile fleet, from public buses to taxis. They should also aim to develop advanced vehicle charging infrastructures.

Increase fuel efficiency

Today's car buyers are keen to find fuel-efficient vehicles when evaluating features of different automobile models at auto shops. Ideally, consumers want cars that burn fuel more efficiently, resulting in fewer carbon emissions. Moreover, the government's clean air regulations require automakers to design vehicles that emit little to zero CO2. To meet these standards, carmakers should switch their focus to develop new engines with valves that help vehicles utilize fuel efficiently. Automakers have also embraced innovative tech and automobile designs to make the car lighter, improve fuel economy, and reduce carbon emissions. 

Recycling materials

In recent years, the auto industry has adapted green business strategies, such as recycling materials, choosing alternative fuels, and designing eco-friendly car parts. By recycling materials like plastic, aluminum, and steel, the auto industry can reduce its carbon footprint significantly. Even more appealing, most car makers have formed or joined green initiative programs to transform the auto sector into an eco-friendly industry. 

Increasing climate change concerns have forced the government to increase pressure on carbon emitters to change their business practices. Given the auto industry accounts for the largest share of CO2 emissions, the government has imposed stern measures to ensure they reduce their carbon footprint. Currently, the auto industry is reducing carbon emissions by speeding car electrification, increasing fuel efficiency, and using recyclable materials.

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