5 Best Golf Players of Our Generation

By Staff Reporter - 18 Oct '19 10:04AM
  • 5 Best Golf Players of Our Generation
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Golf is one of the most coveted sporting activities around the world. Over the years, there have been great golf players with new ones rising from generation to generation. Among the celebrated sportsmen around the world come from this sport. Right from the Gramacho Golf Course to Algarve in Portugal, these players have made a name for themselves and have been awarded handsomely for their efforts in this beautiful sporting activity. Here are the 5 best golf players to have played in our generation: 

1. Tiger Woods

At the mention of golf today, everyone thinks of Tiger Woods. There is no doubt that he comes first in the list of golf players of our generation. He has definitely made a name for himself since being actively involved in this sport from 1997. His Masters-record 18-under par total is a memorable moment that will stick with us for the longest time. He has also realized many other victories that have awed the world!

2. Jack Nicklaus

Although retired, Jack Nicklaus has really had a major impact on golf. He is remembered greatly for competing in a close battle with players like Watson, Palmer and Player among others. His strength and physical skill are what made him stand out alongside his mental toughness. He attained great excellence due to his genius ability that was seen as he participated in different golf courses around the globe. He still ranks among the best golfers of all times despite taking a rest from this magnificent sport. 

3. Tom Watson

Watson comes in the list of the top five golfers of our generation having won eight major tournaments. He particularly dominated the British Open, which is the oldest tournament in golf. This is what made him become widely known in the golfing world. He won this tournament in five occasions in a period of nine years. He also made tremendous performances in the years that he did not emerge as the winner. Therefore, his dominance in this sport was widely acknowledged around the world. 

4. Gary Player 

Gary Player is a renowned South African golfer whose performance in golf courses can't be forgotten in our generation. He along other great golf players made the sport interesting and more fun for onlookers. Player was the first great global ambassador of golf. He was the first man to bring heated competition to American and British players in the golf course.

It was actually part of his lifestyle and did whatever he could for it including moving with his family to ensure he took part in tournaments. Having started in the mid-1950s, Gary Player made many trips to America where is golfing career grew. Throughout his career, he won more than 150 tournaments staged in different parts of the world. He was able to win the Masters and British Open three times each just like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Nick Faldo among others. 

5. Phil Mickelson

After watching Mickelson play, fans believed that he was going to become the next Nicklaus. Despite a few failures here and there, his overall success seems to cover them all. He has won 44 PGA tours coming number nine for all-time winners including five majors and three Masters. He has come in second in six other competitions, specifically the US Open. There is no doubt that he has been remarkable in his performances in golf in this generation. 

Final Remarks 

There have been great names in the world of golf. However, there have been the best of the best that have made tremendous success more than others. These are the 5 best golf players that we have seen in our generation!

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