3 Fun Ideas for Your New Social Media Channel

By Staff Reporter - 13 Sep '21 12:51PM
  • 3 Fun Ideas for Your New Social Media Channel
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For years, we've seen countless people on social media earning a fortune influencing others and sharing their opinions and ideas online. If you want to follow in their footsteps and become a social media wonder yourself, the first thing you need to do is come up with an idea for what you're going to publish online. There are all kinds of industries you can get involved with if you decide to become a social media icon or influencer. Most of the top industries revolve around highly visual and engaging products, like food, décor, clothing, and even make-up. If you're looking for ideas for the perfect social media channel, here are some options to get you started.

Food and Taste Testing

People love sharing food pictures and talking about delicious treats online. It doesn't matter if you're a sweet tooth, a would-be chef, or just someone who likes to explore different tastes from around the world, there's sure to be an audience out there for you. While creative people can make their own meals and show followers how to create delicious flavors, people without as much skill in the kitchen can start with something simple - like taste tests. If you sign up for a monthly subscription snack box, you can have foods from around the world delivered straight to your door, then create videos of you trying the different options. You could even give a gift of a subscription to followers who help to grow your business or win social competitions. There are upgrades available to customize your experience even more.

Makeup and Fashion

Beauty and fashion are two of the top industries right now for social media influencers. There are lots of great influencers out there who make a fortune sharing looks online with "watch me get ready" videos. You can also experiment with different tutorials yourself and show your followers how they look when an average person tries to do them. If makeup isn't your forte, experiment with fashion instead. Look for ways to combine different looks together or help your followers style some of their favorite outfits. You could even shop in thrift stores and charity shops and put an outfit together based on what you find.

How-to Channels

How to channels are some of the most popular on social media today. These channels help customers to discover how to do important things. The great thing about a how-to channel is you can adapt it to suit any niche. This means if you're already confident in a specific genre or industry, you can focus your attention on that. The most important thing to ensure before you start building this social media channel, is that people actually want to learn how to do whatever you're teaching them about. The good news is there's an audience for almost everything today, from home crafts and décor hacks to tips on how to build your own business. Do your research into the other channels looking at the same niche as you to ensure you're not just doing the same thing as someone else. The more unique your channel is, the more likely it will be to gain attention from the right audience.

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