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By Staff Reporter - 22 Jun '21 08:09AM
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The world is evolving at a rapid pace. Disruption is now the norm and you must stay on top of innovation to keep relevant. But society is dynamic in nature, making it difficult to keep up and predict what the changes in the next few years will be. In this article, we're going to take a look at some of the top culture and social trends that are emerging in the hope that we can get a slight sense of what the future holds.  

Generation Z

Millennials have been the focus of most major marketing campaigns over the last few years but that's about to change. Generation Z (6-24-year-olds) are about to take over the limelight and every company should be paying attention to this shift in focus. In contrast to millennials, Generation Z was born into a world where technology growth was at its peak. Their smartphones are the center of their social and economic worlds. 

In terms of economic habits, Generation Z grew up in an economic crisis so they're more aware of the value of money and investing. That said, they have no problem borrowing money to get what they want. Many will consider taking out a home equity line of credit in the first few years of ownership if they have a large expense to pay for immediately. Most will go down the mortgage route and flipping houses will become a lot more prevalent. 

The Rise of Feminism

Feminism and environmental awareness are the two trends that have shaped society over the past few years. Women now feel more empowered, with the fight against the glass ceiling and the pay gap being two of the big contributors to the changes that we've seen. Things are not going to slow down in the feminism movement and all companies will be forced to get on board and strive for total equality in the workplace. 

The Voice of Employees

We'll start to see a big shift in how employees are treated in the workplace. Gone are the days of a hierarchy where the voice of the employee is never listened to. Now, it's time for companies to start realizing that future prospects are going to want to work for a business that is aligned with their own values and goals in life. Companies need to change their organizational structure to give employees a real voice. This involves promoting employee empowerment and diversity. It involves being able to adapt to change easily and outlining a set of specific values and goals so that the entire team can pursue a common objective.  

Environmental Activism

In the past five years, worries about the future of our environment and the human race have peaked. We're all talking about sustainability and 'green' companies but it's not good enough to just talk about these words. It's time for companies to put what they preach into practice by coming up with real-world solutions to more environmentally friendly energy consumption, and greener manufacturing processes and packaging materials. It's these minor changes that will make a huge overall difference to our fight against climate change. 

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