Recognizing And Rewarding The Work Of First Responders

By Staff Reporter - 07 Jun '21 10:25AM
  • Recognizing And Rewarding The Work Of First Responders
  • (Photo : Recognizing And Rewarding The Work Of First Responders)

Ohio is the second state to announce a bill to give a $1,000 bonus check to all first responders in the state. A similar bill has already been passed in Florida, which will benefit 174,000 emergency workers. The one-off payment is to thank police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) for their selfless hard work during the pandemic. At the same, these workers have still been the first on the scene after an accident, and have continued to deal with natural disasters and other emergency situations throughout. In recognition of all they do, businesses and local communities have also been showing their support in a variety of ways.

Generous Terms For Home Loans

In recognition of the efforts of unsung heroes during the pandemic, a new bill to help first responders to buy a home has been proposed recently. Backed by both parties, the bill would make it easier for essential workers, including first responders and teachers, to secure a home loan. Similar to the VA Home Loan Program, the large down payments and monthly insurance premiums, required when purchasing a property with a less than 20% deposit, would be waived. Firefighters, EMTs and police officers who want to refinance their current home loan could also benefit from a first responder mortgage. Many emergency workers have seen their financial situations change over the past few months, and being able to free up money to improve their home, reduce their repayments or even shorten the length of their loan could give them greater peace of mind for the future.

Essential Meals And Celebratory Dinners

Generous mortgage packages offer security for the long-term, but first responders are also being presented with other benefits that they can enjoy right away. Many major brands and local restaurants provided food to essential health workers during the height of the pandemic, as they were working very long hours and hospital food concessions were closed. Local communities are still showing their support for all the work of first responders, many of whom are volunteers. After a busy year dealing with wildland fires, firefighters in Florida were recently surprised with a thank you dinner organized by the local community.

Discounts On Well-Earned Vacations

As well as local communities, hundreds of larger organizations and businesses are showing their gratitude by offering generous concessions to first responders for a range of goods and services. The latest offer from Disney is for discounts at eight resorts, to be booked before July. When offers are combined with other travel discounts aimed at emergency workers from travel companies such as the Heroes Vacation Club, first responders can save money on a well-earned break this summer. 

After a particularly challenging year, first responders are being recognized for their hard work in a variety of ways. As well as being rewarded for their service with one-off payments, discounts and meals, first responders can take advantage of generous terms for customized home loans, which can help them financially in the longer-term.  

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