Top tips for commuting by train

By Staff Reporter - 06 Feb '21 10:18AM
  • Top tips for commuting by train
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Commuting can be a tedious and stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be. Many of us spend a good portion of the week in busy train carriages and stuffy tube stations. It can seem like wasted time. However, this can be the perfect time to fulfil your personal goals and hobbies. 

Check out the train times to London so you can be organised and on-time for your next commute. After all, nothing ruins a morning faster than running for your train. 

Transform your anxiety-inducing commute into a time for relaxation with these tips and tricks.

Read a book

Paperbacks are heavy, impractical and very difficult to read while standing up in a train carriage with one hand free. It's time to invest in an e-book, like Kindle, to streamline your briefcase and library collection.

If you are constantly getting on and off trains during your commute, try an audiobook instead. You can listen while standing on the platform, walking to your connection and sitting on the train. Easy breezy! 

Getting lost in a good book can transport you out of the train carriage and into the novel. Grab some wireless headphones, so you don't have to worry about cables while scanning your phone at the ticket gates. 

Learn a foreign language

Have you always wanted to learn Spanish, Italian, or French? Now is the time. You can listen to audio-based lessons or use a flashcard app, like Memrise, to learn a new language. Connect with other learners online, and you will be fluent before you know it.

Once you become semi-fluent, start listening to your news apps in that language. Usually, you can slow down the speed of the audio to x0.5 so you can keep up.


Podcasts are by far my favourite way to travel. From sports commentaries to beauty discussions, podcasts can help you learn something new and entertain you simultaneously. They are easily accessible, through Spotify, and a brilliant way to stay engaged on your commute. 

If you're having an off morning, listen to a funny, upbeat podcast, to lift your spirits. Commuting in a big city, like London, can be quite an isolating experience. Some podcasts, the chattier ones, make you feel like you're listening to a friend's conversation and fill the loneliness. 


Commuting and transport are anxiety triggers for many people. Listen to the Headspace app to rebalance your mind. They even have specific guided meditations for commuters.

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