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Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

New 'Doctor Strange' Trailer Teases The Next Infinity Stone

By Yuri Mangahas - Oct 07, 2016 05:12 PM EDT

Doctor Strange's new trailer may have teased the arrival of a new Infinity Stone.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

New 'Thor: Ragnarok' Spoilers Reported, Movie to Tell a New Story?

By Yuri Mangahas - Oct 04, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

New rumors have surfaced for the upcoming Marvel Studios film "Thor: Ragnarok," and while most of the fans are expecting that the movie will follow the reins of the comic book event of the same name, a latest insider reports says otherwise.


Captain America: Civil War International News And Rumors: Marvel Movie Achieves $1 B Box Office Sales

By Jenn Loro - May 22, 2016 09:28 PM EDT

Captain America: Civil War has just breached the $1-billion mark, making it the top-grossing film this year so far. The latest Captain America title is the fourth superhero mash from the Marvel cinematic universe to have reached this milestone.

Spider-Man Is America’s Best Marvel Superhero, Claims Recent Survey

Spider-Man Is America’s Best Marvel Superhero, Claims Recent Survey

By Kanika Gupta - May 18, 2016 02:46 PM EDT

Chris Evans, playing Captain America, may have hit the headlines with recent success of “Captain America: Civil War.” However, that alone is not enough to make the cut for America’s superhero. According to an online survey, Americans’ top preference is the Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, British actor, in the recent “Captain America: Civil War.”

Marvel Vs DC Comics: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Compared with ‘Batman V Superman,’ Which Is Better?

Marvel Vs DC Comics: ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Compared with ‘Batman V Superman,’ Which Is Better?

By Kanika Gupta - May 14, 2016 02:16 PM EDT

DC Comics and Marvel Comics are the best there is and when the two battle with each other, something really good comes out of it. This statement can be proven with success of “Batman V Superman” followed “Captain America: Civil War.” Needless to say, the two movies stand to be compared with one another.

'Wolverine 3' Release Date, News & Update: Movie Might Get an ‘R’ Rating Due to Extreme Violence

'Wolverine 3' Release Date, News & Update: Movie Might Get an ‘R’ Rating Due to Extreme Violence

By Kanika Gupta - May 13, 2016 03:20 PM EDT

“Wolverine 3” is in its production stage which is very exciting for the “X-Men” fans. As per the rumors, third installment of the series will star Hugh Jackman as the so-called Wolverine. It is also rumored to be so violent that the movie has attracted an “R” rating.

Stan Lee

"Captain America: Civil War" news and updates: Stan Lee addresses on Cameo Approach

By Zubera - May 01, 2016 07:27 AM EDT

addressed how he approached the cameo in the coming movie

Kingdom Hearts 3 release date, news: KH3 Falls to Top 9 on Charts; Gameplay Video For KH2.8 Chapter Prologue released

Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date and News: Square Enix to Add Star Wars and Avengers Levels

By Kanika Gupta - Apr 04, 2016 12:39 PM EDT

Not much has been revealed about Kingdom Hearts 3 and still continues to be one of the most sought after game titles this year. Square Enix and Disney collaborated to develop this RPG that combines roughness of Final Fantasy with enchanted world of Disney.


Deadpool Is Marvel's Newest ‘Merc With A Mouth’ Superhero

By Jenn Loro - Feb 10, 2016 02:57 PM EST

Deadpool will hit theaters this weekend. So, what do we expect in this new Marvel superhero movie?


Captain America Civil War Trailer Shows Iron Man Being Beaten By Steve Rogers And Buck

By Jenn Loro - Nov 26, 2015 10:13 AM EST

The Captain America: Civil War gives a hint that the next sequel is a more personal conflict between Captain America and Iron Man.

Getty Images

Andrew Garfield 'Excited' For New Spiderman Tom Holland

By Maria Slither - Aug 15, 2015 01:11 PM EDT

Andrew Garfield happy for the new Spiderman.


Jason Statham Daredevil Reboot? Actor Not Interested In Doing Marvel Movies, Says Stunts "Not Authentic"

By Maria Slither - Jun 09, 2015 12:48 PM EDT

Jason Statham says he will never be involved in a Marvel movie.

Getty Images

Tom Hardy Wants To Be 'The Punisher' In Marvel Universe Despite Being Too Short

By Maria Slither - May 08, 2015 12:08 PM EDT

Tom Hardy expressed his desire to be part of the Marvel Universe being cast as The Punisher.

Getty Images

Captain America 3 Updates: Martin Freeman Joins The Marvel Universe

By Maria Slither - May 06, 2015 12:14 PM EDT

Martin Freeman will be included in the cast for Captain America: Civil War.

Getty Images

Olivia Munn joins 'X-Men: Apocalypse; Will Play Psylocke’s Role

By Maria Slither - Apr 15, 2015 10:52 AM EDT

Bryan Singer is adding Olivia Munn in the roster of X-Men superhero team. He announced it on Monday this week.

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