New 'Doctor Strange' Trailer Teases The Next Infinity Stone

By Yuri Mangahas - 07 Oct '16 17:12PM

Marvel released a brand new trailer for the upcoming superhero flick "Doctor Strange," which highlights what we have seen thus far in the previous trailers, albeit its online version streams in reverse fashion.

Debuted in the Season 3 primer of "The Flash," the entire TV spot depicts the events that led Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to seek for enlightenment and magical expertise. However, the online version of the trailer depicts the events in reverse, in a bid to emphasize the magical element of the film. Furthermore, Tilda Swanson's dialogue in the background has been said in reverse as well, seemingly adding confusion to those who saw the spot for the first time.

However, a few Redditors were quick on the uptake, as they did an analysis of the trailer, mentioning that this may be Marvel's way of telling that the next Infinity Stone could be the Time Stone, housed within the Eye of Agamotto. In addition, they have specified that both versions of the trailer ended with Cumberbatch saying "This is just beginning."

In the comic books, the Time Gem is a mystical stone capable of bending reality and time in line with its wielder's wishes. Thanos used the powers of the Gem with the Infinity Gauntlet during the events of the Infinity War, and had succeeded in a bid to vanquish his enemies.

"Doctor Strange" is slated to hit theaters, November 4th.

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