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Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

Pokémon Go to Launch 'Wearable' Device Next Week

By Sky Selrach - Sep 09, 2016 01:13 PM EDT

Months since its release, Pokémon Go continues to be the hype among the mobile gaming community. With the latest update from Nintendo, the gaming experience is bound to be amplified. By September 16, a wearable device paired with the game will be released.

2016 Billboard Music Awards - Show

Justin Bieber Dethroned at YouTube Top Charts, Who's the New Number One?

By Sky Selrach - Sep 09, 2016 01:12 PM EDT

Canadian pop superstar, Justin Bieber, has long been YouTube’s most viewed musician. However, Bieber’s 26 week streak has come to an end. Who managed to beat the star from the number one position?

Swiss Cable Car

Cable Car Passengers Stuck 12,000 Feet in the Air, Stranded Overnight in French Alps

By Sky Selrach - Sep 09, 2016 01:12 PM EDT

The French Alps is certainly a sight to see. However, 33 passengers had seen more than what they bargained for when they got stuck in a cable car at 12,000 feet up in the air – overnight.

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

Apple Teams Up With Biggest Sporting Brand Nike

By Sky Selrach - Sep 08, 2016 01:50 PM EDT

Apple recently revealed the latest iPhone 7 which featured a lot of changes. Most of the updates are quite impressive that social media is ablaze about pre-ordering the latest phone from the tech giant. Sport aficionados particularly are eyeing the iPhone 7 thanks to its feature which is a collaboration with Nike.

GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2016 - Red Carpet Arrivals

Calvin Harris Admits to 'Snapping' After Split From Taylor Swift

By Sky Selrach - Sep 08, 2016 01:49 PM EDT

In his latest interview with GQ Magazine, it appears Calvin Harris has a lot to say particularly about his split with Taylor Swift. Despite the initial “amicable split,” Harris had blown up on Twitter a few weeks after the breakup. Now, the world-famous DJ is backtracking on his statements and admits to having “snapped.”

Virginia Tech Still Reeling From Deadly Shooting Massacre

20-Year Old Cold Case Reopened, Missing Teen 'Could Be' Buried in Campus

By Sky Selrach - Sep 08, 2016 01:48 PM EDT

Investigators are reopening a 20-year old cold case which involves a freshman from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. The investigation will include an excavation of the campus in the belief that Kristin Smart’s remains had been buried there.

Latest Consumer Technology Products On Display At CES 2016

Sony 'Inspired' by Pokemon Go, Console Maker to Go Mobile?

By Sky Selrach - Sep 06, 2016 09:24 AM EDT

Pokemon Go has certainly captured the attention of gamers and non-gamers across the world. Aside from causing quite the hype in the mobile gaming world, it has also “inspired” a major console maker to venture towards the mobile market.

 ESA Attempts To Land Probe On Comet

Grave of Philae Lander Found on Comet After 2-Year Search

By Sky Selrach - Sep 06, 2016 09:17 AM EDT

The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Philae lander had been lost for almost two years. Finally, the search had ended after images from the mothership, Rosetta, revealed its resting place. Philae lander’s grave is on none other than Comet 67P.

Comic-Con International 2016 - 'Arrow' Special Video Presentation And Q&A

'Arrow' Stephen Amell Wants to Be the Next 'American Ninja Warrior'

By Sky Selrach - Sep 06, 2016 09:16 AM EDT

With all the action happening on “Arrow,” it’s not surprising that its lead star, Stephen Amell, has a growing fondness for activities that require immense physical strength. In fact, one popular show has caught the attention of Amell – so much so that he wants to be the next “American Ninja Warrior.”

Zika Virus Spreads In Singapore And Neighbouring Countries

2016 First Case of Zika Virus Confirmed in The Philippines

By Sky Selrach - Sep 06, 2016 09:15 AM EDT

The dreaded Zika virus has made its way to the Philippines. According to reports, the symptoms of the virus were noted in a 45-year old woman hailing from Iloilo of the central Philippines. This is the first case of the virus this 2016.

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