Home Tech Trends for 2022

By Staff Reporter - 12 Nov '21 14:27PM
  • Home Tech Trends for 2022
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If you're a technology enthusiast and a homeowner, you have plenty to look forward to in 2022. That's because home tech items are among the most popular add-ons and features for people of all income levels. Whether you own a condo, small house, luxury home, or a huge mansion, there are all sorts of products to choose from as merchants bring out their best items for the holiday and early year buying season.

Besides a long list of security products, home lifts and authentic looking home theaters are already making a mark on the industry. Likewise, smart solar panels and energy-saving windows that monitor temperature will be among the upcoming year's favorites. Here's a closer look at a few of the items that will be on everyone's shopping list in 2022.

Super Security

There is simple yet effective ways to beef up your home's security. All-around camera systems, smart electronic locks, motion detecting devices, computerized outdoor safety lights, automated alarm systems, and AI enhanced fire warning units are just a few of the major developments in the rapidly expanding residential security niche. It's not as though surveillance cameras are new. However, prices for high end sets of security cams have come way down with scientific advances and mass adoption of the equipment. That's good news for anyone who values the security and safety of such devices.


For at least two decades, the residential lift market has been growing slowly but steadily. Now, domestic lifts with small footprint space is a big hit among homeowners who enjoy adopting technology that makes daily living both safer and more convenient. Plus, as features and options continue to multiply, potential buyers are learning that installing a home lift can not only add to the beauty of the space but has the potential to increase the resale value as well.

Tiered Seat Theater Rooms

Real movie theaters might be dying out, but in-home replicas are one of the hottest home tech trends of the 2020s. Developers are wise to the fact that buyers of new homes prefer to have at least one room that is specially designed with entertainment in mind. Attend any home show these days, and you're bound to see several versions of the tiered seat mini theater. In almost every aspect, they're clones of their vastly larger counterparts that were once mainstays in malls and shopping areas all over the world.

Smart Solar

Advances in solar power science have had a major impact on the housing market. Some new homes are specially designed to accommodate panels on roofs and in backyard areas. Many of the latest features incorporate smart functions like panels that follow the sun, self-cleaning units that keep dust buildup to a minimum, portable panels that you can take with you if you move, and even ground mounted units that are becoming popular with homeowners who want to retain their traditional roofs.

New Age Windows

The evolution of the residential window is a subject that could fill books. In short, modern windows incorporate technological advances that measure inside and outside temperatures, change tint automatically to maintain ideal amounts of sunlight, and come with long lasting polymer panes that are virtually unbreakable.

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