Road Tripping Through the Boom Era – Boom Again

By Staff Reporter - 10 Aug '21 22:44PM
  • Road Tripping Through the Boom Era – Boom Again
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Calling all Boomers, would-be Boomers, and those who wish they had been Boomers. Join us on an exciting road trip through the '50s, '60s & '70s without leaving your living room. Read on to find out how you can have the time of your life...again.

The Baby Boomer Generation

The beginning of the "baby boom" began soon after World War II ended. More babies were born between 1946 - 1964 than ever before or after - something like 76 million!

Boomer culture is famous for things like:

  • Music: rock & roll, the twist, Beatlemania, The Rolling Stones & Motown
  • Television: All in the Family, The Ed Sullivan Show, Gilligan's Island, & The Twilight Zone
  • World Events: the moon landing, Woodstock, Vietnam, civil rights movement, Cold War, Live Aid & high inflation
  • Values: relationships, The American Dream, hard work, independence, health, safety & social order
  • Nostalgia: Levi, miniskirts, hula-hoops, tie-dye, drive-ins, phone booths, baseball cards, vinyl records, station wagons & polaroids

Of course, since competitiveness was one of the Boomers' characteristics, they loved to compete at everything, including games and sports.

Social Distance Gaming

If you are a Boomer, chances are you are not an Xbox, video-gaming fan. Sure, you indulged the grandkids and you've tried out a few Wii dance moves, but you miss trivia nights. Do you still like trivia games?

With lockdown and social distancing rules, it's difficult to get together for fun game nights with other like-minded Boomers. Do you miss the warm camaraderie of family, friends, or neighbors coming together to play board games?

Have you considered social distance gaming? Social distance gaming allows adults to indulge in social interaction games virtually.

If you can have small groups over, break out our trivia board game which captures all those special moments of the Boomer Era. Alternatively, if you are concerned about risk issues, you can play Boom Zoom. Our Boom Again Trivia Game allows you to play while socially distanced. The game includes guides on how to play over Zoom.

Time to Boom Again

Boom Again is a new game designed especially for Boomers. The game is built on the Trivial Pursuit model, but with the '50s, '60s & '70s vibe. You can play the board or have fun asking each other questions. The game is packaged in a wooden cigar box stuffed with tokens like a skate key and roach clip, a board, and two thick boxes full of cards.

Brian, our head Boomer, had this idea to put together a cultural trivia board game specifically for Baby Boomers. He is the inventor of over 40 published games which have sold over 50 million copies. For a kid who made two appearances on Kids Say the Darndest Things (a rare occurrence), he certainly knows his cultural trivia.

Together with his Boom team, he created a game packed with authentic Baby Boom experiences and cultural trivia. Whether you are an early or late Boomer, you are bound to enjoy this road trip. Non-Boomers are also welcome.

If trivia games are right up your alley, this is the perfect game for you. Invite your friends, roll up your sleeves and get trippin'.

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