3 Best Compression Stockings For Running

By Staff Reporter - 23 Jul '21 10:19AM
  • 3 Best Compression Stockings For Running
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Compression stockings help to prevent muscle pain and nasty injuries and they also provide more energy in the legs while running. What are the best compression stockings for running? What exactly are compression stockings and why should you wear them while running? In this blog we will answer these questions and also give advice on the best compression stockings for running right now.

The best compression stockings for running

Below we have made a selection for you of a number of good compression stockings and tubes. We arrived at this selection after analyzing reviews about the different compression stockings and also tested some of them ourselves. We also collected experiences from other runners within our knowledge circle.

We will therefore first discuss a number of good compression stockings and tubes below. Later in the blog we will discuss the benefits of compression stockings and why you should wear them during or after your run.

Stox Energy - Compression stockings

Compression stockings

Stox Energy's compression stockings are made of an extra thin, but sturdy material. The compression stockings provide support for the ankle, shin and calf. The compression in the socks improves blood circulation in the legs. This allows you to prevent running injuries, you will experience less muscle pain and tired legs. The stockings also ensure a better recovery because they can also be worn after training.

We have tested the compression stockings from Stox Energy ourselves and they fit very well on the feet and lower legs. The stockings are of good quality and even after being in the washing machine several times they still feel very good. A nice advantage of the stockings from Stox Energy is that you can try them out for 30 days and if you don't like them you can return them.

Stox Energy - Compression tubes

Compression tubes

Are you mainly looking for a product that ensures that your legs are less tired during and after exercise? Then a compression tube might be something for you. This is a very good alternative to Stox Energy support socks. The compression tube is made of exactly the same material as the compression stocking. Just like the compression stocking, the tube ensures better blood circulation in the lower leg.

The disadvantage is that there is no pedestal and therefore you cannot keep the tubes on after the running training. An advantage is that you can put on your favorite running socks. Another nice additional advantage is that the compression tubes are cheaper than the compression stockings. What's also very nice is that you don't have to wash the tubes as often as stockings. You sweat less on your lower legs than your feet.

Herzog - compression stockings

Herzog was one of the first brands to introduce compression stockings. Herzog's emphasis in the beginning was on preventing injuries and not so much on improving performance while running. Like Stox Energy's compression stockings, Herzog stockings help prevent injuries. In addition, the stockings give back energy during running and thus help with recovery.

Our own experience is that Herzog stockings work just as well as Stox Energy stockings, only they are a lot more expensive. Herzog stockings are available in different solid colors, but not as hip designs as Stox has. Herzog is therefore, in our opinion, just as good as Stox Energy, only slightly more expensive and less fun color designs.

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