6 Creative Engagement Ring Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

By Staff Reporter - 05 Jul '21 16:57PM
  • 6 Creative Engagement Ring Trends to Watch Out For in 2021
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If you're in the market for an engagement ring, keeping up with the latest trends will help you and your partner make the perfect choice.

No matter your style, there is bound to be a ring idea within this varied list that appeals to you! Keep reading for six fresh engagement ring trends for 2021 and get inspiration that will help you find your ideal piece.

Colorful Center Stones

While choosing a classic diamond as the center stone is the cultural standard, colored gemstones are coming into the spotlight again this year. Historically, the most common diamond alternatives were emeralds and sapphires due to their richness and elegance. These stones and several other precious and semi-precious options are seeing a huge increase in popularity this year.

Asymmetrical or East-West Placement

While switching up the center stone is a familiar concept, the next trend plays with alternative placement. More and more rings are featuring asymmetrical clusters of gemstones in place of a single-center stone, offering a more interesting and dynamic look. Similarly, some rings feature one or two large stones stacked side by side, or east-to-west, across the band. 

These placements offer a dramatically different look compared to more classic options, which could be an ideal choice for brides who love the unconventional, unique aesthetic. You could even choose a pair of stones with special meanings to represent you and the one you love, giving this unexpected trend a sentimental twist.

Personal Touches

Speaking of sentiment, more and more couples are choosing to scrap the retail options entirely in favor of designing a custom ring with the help of a jeweler. Whether you and your partner have a very specific mental picture of the ideal ring or you have a list of desired features, customizing a ring instead of buying one is becoming increasingly popular for brides who want their special ring to be unique.

Further, customizing a ring can allow you to take inspiration from a variety of trends and meld them into one piece. If your tastes veer more toward the old versus the new, you could even have a family heirloom reimagined by a custom ring designer as well. More and more couples are discovering this option and online orders and consultations are making customization easier than ever.

Switching Up Metals

Another interesting trend is the recent switch up in metal preferences. While platinum and white gold were the most popular metal choices for engagement rings in years past, women are being drawn to yellow or rose gold instead. Yellow gold tones are enjoying a resurgence in all styles of fine jewelry, costume jewelry, and accessories these days as well, making it a natural choice for new brides.

Merging this interest in warm-toned metals with the rising popularity of colored gemstones, there is a significant rise in rose gold engagement rings with rosy stones--like pink moissanite--in the center. This combination provides a romantic, vintage look that brides are loving.

Dainty Bands

While large, sparkling rings with a large center stone and a halo of smaller diamonds were all the rage for years, many brides are scaling it back in 2021 in favor of thin, simple bands with a singular statement gem. 

This trend may seem overly plain for some, but many brides opt for this style with the intent to stack other bands alongside their engagement ring, offering more space and variety for their wedding band and any other accents they choose to add.

Hidden Gallery Gems

Finally, the most inconspicuous trend on this list is the tendency for jewelers to incorporate small gems and ornate designs on the sides of their engagement rings. The "side" in reference is called the gallery, and it is the space where the center stone's point sinks into the setting. Sometimes this space is left open, but sometimes jewelers add filigree to cover the setting's prongs and add more interest to the piece.

Some jewelry designers include small gems in this space for a hidden pop of sparkle or color, which can be a small sweet detail for a bride who appreciates intricate designs. You may even be able to opt for this feature to incorporate a meaningful colored gem into your design without committing to it as your center stone.

These trends make it clear that engagement ring styles, like most other things, are being creatively reimagined this year. Whether you choose to experiment with different stones, metals, and placements or craft your own ring design from scratch, there are limitless ways to express yourself and your love and plenty of outlets to realize them!

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