Clever Ways to Free Up Space at Home

By Staff Reporter - 30 Mar '21 11:55AM
  • Clever Ways to Free Up Space at Home
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In an ideal world, there's a place for everything and everything would be in its place. However, life isn't a filing cabinet, and the real world is full of messes. Both big and small, sometimes it feels like there's a new mess waiting around every corner. The good news is that some of life's messes can easily be controlled, like the ones we create and leave lingering at home. 

Now it's time to get clever and take back your living space from unwanted clutter and mess!

Clean Like Never Before 

Granted, cleaning is the obvious solution for dealing with a messy home but thinking and doing will have very different outcomes. Afterall, there's no hope in freeing up space at home unless you address the unwanted mess first. That means getting rid all the garbage that never found its way to the bin so you can really see all the belongings you have to work with. 

Once there are no more food wrappers or ripped open packages contributing to the mess, it's time to go one room at a time and get to work on separating things into piles, such as: 

  • Pile 1: Any items that belong in a different room (like the mug from last night's tea that's still on the living room coffee table)

  • Pile 2: Any items that are no longer wanted that can be discarded or potentially be donated 

  • Pile 3: Any items you want to keep but put away in storage

At this point, all that should be left in each room is whatever items you plan to use in that space. 

Get Things Out of Sight and Out of Mind with a Storage Rental 

Chances are some have come to realize that their pile of items to keep but put away is bigger than the home storage space they have to work with. Before tossing away anything you may later regret just for the sake of convenience, rent self storage at College Station to safely store those belongings instead. 

Renting a storage locker or unit is the perfect way to keep everything from small décor to furniture that no longer fits at home. Say so long for now to all that extra furniture crowding your space, but with peace of mind that its safely stored until a day comes when it can be used again. 

Find Substance in Simplicity 

Now that there should no longer be any clutter or mess hanging around like an unwanted guest, it's time to rearrange furniture layouts to optimize the space in your home. Embrace the concept of less is more using a minimalist design approach, so each room is functional but welcoming. For instance, don't push the couch or chairs against walls and use décor to accent the room, but don't overwhelm the space with too many pieces. 

Now it's time to say so long to mess and always remember that less is more when it comes to freeing up space at home.  

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