Gold vs Silver: Which Noble Metal is Better for Your Jewelry?

By Staff Reporter - 08 Mar '21 10:16AM
  • Gold vs Silver: Which Noble Metal is Better for Your Jewelry?
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'Which is better - gold or silver?' - this eternal question is asked by both jewelry enthusiasts and jewelers. Each metal boasts unique properties and is beautiful in its own way. Thus, both of them attract myriads of admirers. It is impossible to say for sure which one is better but let's try to figure out how gold and silver jewelry can affect human health and wellbeing. The more you know about your options, the easier it is to come across an ideal piece.

Since the dawn of time, people have believed that precious metals could improve health and change lives for the better. The properties of gold and silver are dissimilar though. If you, too, believe that metals have magical and healing powers, you should invest yourself in studying this matter. A brief overview of the capabilities inherent in the most popular precious metals will help you make the right choice.

How Gold Can Improve Your Life

Gold jewelry has long been considered a symbol of power and wealth. The yellow metal helps find success in your endeavors. Its warm color is soothing and relaxing. Gold has a unique ability to relieve depression. People wearing gold jewelry never lose heart and easily overcome adversities. Gold enhances mental abilities, teaches sagacity, and gives energy even in moments of fatigue.

Aurum boasts a beneficial effect on well-being. Throughout history, people prescribed it many miraculous properties: 

  • it improves immunity;
  • strengthens the heart;
  • makes memory better;
  • helps the gastrointestinal tract operate properly;
  • normalizes blood pressure.

Which type of gold is the best for your health? They say that yellow gold is curative. However, this is just a stereotype. The color of the metal isn't important. But the more gold is in an alloy, the better it copes with the health-promoting mission.

What to Expect from Silver?

In terms of medicinal properties, silver has no equal. You should consider getting sterling silver rings or pendants if you suffer from:

  • nervous disorders;
  • poor eyesight;
  • cardiovascular issues;
  • gastrointestinal diseases.

Silver products are famous for their power to enhance immunity. So, if you often get sick, why not give silver a chance to help you fight pesky germs? The bactericidal properties of this metal have been known since ancient times. People used to throw silver spoons into wells to purify water and enrich it with trace elements. Even today, many people utilize silver items to make dirty water drinkable. 

Silver jewelry can tell a lot about the health of its owner. The diagnostic ability of the white metal is impressive. If a silver piece suddenly tarnishes, it tells you to listen to your body - something might be wrong. Thus, silver jewelry helps diagnose diseases in the early stages when symptoms haven't been manifested.

Silver rejuvenates, curbs negative emotions, and gives vigor. On top of that, it improves self-esteem as well as helps assess difficult situations and find a way out. Our ancestors believed that the noble metal could protect against jinxes, curses, and evil in general. They wore silver items as amulets.

Who Should Wear Silver and Gold Jewelry

Gold or silver - which is the best? The answer is not that obvious. However, if you consider a few important criteria, the metal of your choice will provide plenty of benefits. Here is what you need to consider:

Your Age

Many people believe that silver is the best choice for youngsters. The pale metal is associated with lightness, airiness, and tenderness. Contrary to this, gold attracts mature people. This doesn't mean that you can't flaunt gold if you're a young person. However, pretentious extravagant pieces bejeweled with heavy stones are going to look ridiculous on teens and very young adults. On the other hand, small studs or an elegant pendant are a great choice to elevate the look of every person despite the age. 


Clothes should emphasize the best of your look, so is jewelry. Items made of silver or white gold are ideal for people with light eyes, fair skin, and blond hair. In tandem, cold colors look amazing. The same pattern works with warm colors, too. Warm colors put together create synergy and promote cohesiveness of one's look. If you have dark hair, tanned skin, and dark eyes, gold is your best friend.

By status

Gold is more expensive and silver is more affordable. This difference in price creates a difference in perception. Gold is viewed as a prestigious metal while silver is a metal that won't break the bank. Indeed, by choosing jewelry made of gold, you can emphasize your wealth and position at the top rung of the social ladder. On the other hand, silver jewelry looks more appropriate in everyday looks. 

When choosing a piece of jewelry, it is vital that you feel its energy. Hold an item you have your sight set on in your hands and you will understand whether you are on the same wavelength. Gold suits almost everyone but silver chooses its master on its own. Esotericists believe that this metal has enormous magical potential and it won't make friends with everyone. If you put on a silver ring and you don't feel comfortable in it, it is because it doesn't recognize you as its friend.

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