A Guide to Finding the Right Car For Your Business

By Staff Reporter - 11 Feb '21 14:24PM
  • A Guide to Finding the Right Car For Your Business
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A company car can be an incredibly valuable asset for any business. This is why it is so important that you take your time when searching for a new company car so that you can find one which is cost-effective and will fit in seamlessly with your daily operation. Read on to discover the key considerations in order to identify the right car for your particular business. 


Obviously, you need to work out how much you can afford to spend and factor in the running costs. It is not cheap buying and keeping a car on the road, but you could make it more manageable by arranging a finance deal so that the cost is spread out as opposed to a large upfront sum. Additionally, you might find it smart to look for used cars for sale as opposed to new as you will get more for your money, you could make big savings and depreciation is less of an issue.

What the Car Will be Used For

You must also think about what the car is used for as this will determine what type you should buy. If you will use it for transporting products then obviously storage will be key, but if you will be regularly transporting multiple people then you will need ample storage space. You also need to think about if you will be driving mainly in the city, on the motorway and if you will be trying to impress clients, in which case you will want something sleek and stylish.


As with a regular automobile, you will want to make sure that the car is reliable so that it will not let you down and hold the company back. In addition to good build-quality, this means that you should also be thinking about performance factors such as fuel efficiency (perhaps an electric), in-car technology and features and the safety rating and tech.


Insurance is another important aspect to consider and potentially expensive. You need to determine if the car will be driven by just one person or multiple employees in which case you will need the right kind of cover, plus you may also need to arrange an extended warranty if the original manufacturer warranty has expired and GAP insurance for financial protection in the event of a write off.

These are the key areas that you will need to focus on when deciding on a company car and will hopefully help you to find one which is just right for your company.

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