Why Getting Outdoors is Good for Your Health

By Staff Reporter - 10 Feb '21 19:56PM
  • Why Getting Outdoors is Good for Your Health
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January is normally a great time of year to own a gym. Health-conscious customers, feeling guilty after having glutted themselves over the festive season, will reliably flock to their local leisure centres, intent on signing a contract (and probably turning up two or three times over the following twelve months).

In 2021, of course, things were a little different. With lockdown and broader contagion concerns keeping us away from gyms and leisure centres, we've had to look elsewhere for our exercise. This might mean setting up your own gym at home; or it might mean getting out into the fresh air. Invest a little in a pair of quality walking boots, socks, and women's thermals to keep the wind-chill at bay, and you're ready to get out into nature!

Walking is great cardio

While it might not burn quite as many calories as more intensive forms of exercise, walking has a number of advantages that set it apart from jogging, sprinting, and the rowing machine. First, it's easier on your joints. Second, it's less like hard work, and more like something you'll actually enjoy. Third, it's a proven fat-burner. You just need to be consistent about it.

Being Outdoors benefits your Mental Health

Being cooped up in the same place for all hours of the day is going to take a toll on your state of mind. Or, to put it another way, you'll get bored. Getting outdoors is a great way to break up the monotony. This goes especially so if you're able to walk through somewhere beautiful and outdoors. According to Mind, the mental health charity, spending time 'in nature' will help you to deal with anxiety and depression - as well as a range of other, related problems. 

Being Outdoors gives you space to think

Have you ever been stuck on a difficult creative or work-related problem? A walk outdoors can provide you with the inspiration you need. You'll get back to the task feeling refreshed and inspired - which is why so many successful people swear by their afternoon walk!

Vitamin D is hard to come by

Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D. This essential vitamin helps your body to absorb calcium, among other things. You can get it from certain kinds of fish, but the majority of it is created by your body after exposure to sunlight.

Better Sleep

A little bit of outdoor activity in the day will help to reinforce your circadian rhythm. It'll remind your body that it's time to be awake, so that when you hit the sack later on, you'll be able to drop off that much more quickly. Plus, exercise has a natural sleep-promoting quality.

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