Trendy Men's Pendants and How to Wear Them to Enhance Your Appeal

By Staff Reporter - 09 Jan '21 10:19AM
  • Trendy Men's Pendants and How to Wear Them to Enhance Your Appeal
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Pendants are perhaps the most influential trend in men's jewelry. At first, they exerted their appeal to the bohemian class. Johnny Depp, Ryan Gossling, Brad Pitt - the list of celebrities who successfully complement their style with a pendant can be endless. Why don't you, too, stand on a par with these outstanding men and let pendants work their magic?

Types of Men's Pendants

Contrary to items for ladies, men's pendants are larger in size but simpler in design. Even those products that are embellished with gems rarely look pretentious. The distinctive features of men's jewelry are the severity of lines, the dominance of geometric shapes, and a pleasant heft. Despite the apparent simplicity, each model can become a felicitous accent for your image.

The beauty of neck jewelry for men is that it comes in a variety of themes. Most of these themes perform exclusively a decorative function. Along with that, there are plenty of motifs that boast profound meanings. Let's take a look at the most popular themes in men's pendants:

Religious symbols. This category includes crosses, icons, and divine images. Religious pendants are loved by both believers and atheists. If you see a cross on a guy's neck, it doesn't mean that he is a Christian. Crosses ceased to represent religion but they didn't lose their appeal weaved from contradiction, mystery, and divine significance.

Marine motifs. Adventures attract men. Therefore, it came as no surprise that marine motifs bristling with the sense of adventure are so crazily popular. Pendants shaped like a ship, anchor, or steering wheel indicate that their owners are always ready for an escapade. Pirate themes also belong to the diverse group of marine pendants. They find many fans among rebels and daredevils.

Oriental motifs. Hieroglyphs, Yin-Yang, and deities of the Eastern world are not just fashionable accessories but also potent amulets. However, to make them work, you must believe in their powers. When choosing a pendant with one of these motifs, don't forget to learn what this symbolism means in Eastern philosophy.
Letters. The first letter of your name, surname, or a combination of letters is now considered to be a classic manifestation of your individuality through jewelry. After being promoted by celebrities who flaunt them on giant chain necklaces, they became desirable among regular fashionistas, too.

Symbols of power. These symbols carry a menacing allure. Animal themes (lions, bears, wolves, and other dangerous animals), weapons, Viking helmets, and myriads of suchlike symbols are called to show how self-asserting and bold their wearers are.

Amulets. Zodiac signs, totem symbols, gemstones endowed with special properties, and whatnot constitute the category of 'protective' jewelry. Many people still believe that amulets are capable of bringing health, luck, prosperity, and protection against evil.

Gothic. Skeletons, skulls, bats, and dragons - these are the much-loved Gothic images. Not so long ago, gothic jewelry was created exclusively for Goths. But nowadays, sterling silver gothic pendants became an edgy and fierce fashion trend. If you're looking for a way to add a touch of mystery to your image, you can count on Gothic stuff.

Symbols revealing your individuality. A pendant that showcases your hobbies or interests is the best way to put a spotlight on your individuality. Luckily, there is a piece of jewelry for everyone. Bikers are going to be on cloud nine because of motorcycle pendants, musicians can show their passion with a piece that looks like a miniature instrument, athletes will find plenty of sports equipment designs.

Patriotic. An item featuring patriotic motifs helps emphasize your love for your state. Coat of arms, ethnic motifs, country silhouettes, flags - all these designs kind of enhance your bond with the motherland.

Three Trendy Ways to Flaunt Your Pendant

Picking a trendy pendant is half the battle to look stylish. You should also wear it in a fashionable manner. Let us show you three trendy ways to rock your pendant like a rock star.

1. A Short Necklace Around Your Neck

If you want to attract attention to your collarbone and everything around it, pick a short necklace and complement it with a pendant. Alternatively, you can put on a bare necklace but its thickness should be a tad more than average (but don't overdo with it because you don't want to look like a cheap car dealer). To make a stronger impression, you can adorn your neck with a few items. However, if you're not sure that you can combine varying necklaces tastefully, it's not worth it to risk.

2. Turtleneck Sweater and a Necklace

An excellent way to add more charm to your ensemble for colder days is a necklace over a turtleneck garment. Such a combination works efficiently only if you choose a sweater of a solid color. Forget about a finger-thick chain necklace - this is a blast from the past. Instead, fashion designers suggest opting for long elegant cords paired with silver pendants.

3. More is More

This trend is for bold fashionistas only. You can take any necklaces and in any quantity and put them all at once. But before you do it, get yourself into a trendy shirt, undo the buttons, and display your jewelry collection across the bare chest.

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