PissedConsumer.com Explains Why You Can Rely on Negative Reviews

By Staff Reporter - 28 Dec '20 12:58PM
  • PissedConsumer.com Explains Why You Can Rely on Negative Reviews
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The Internet has helped all consumers buy all the things that they need and want from groceries, clothes, food, furniture, and more. 

What was once a place for websites to post their products and promote their business has now turned into a forum where consumers can evaluate the services and items and provide feedback. 

Companies analyze the reactions and behaviors of consumers after purchasing their product or using their service, and they use that data to know what they need to work on. 

There are websites, like PissConsumer.com, that give consumers the chance to voice out their opinions, concerns, and ideas. It is a safe space where people can exercise their right as a consumer and where they can express their real feelings and seek solutions to any issue.

The importance of negative reviews

As a consumer, you would want to know the truth about a product or service before you purchase or avail them. 

That is perfectly understandable, since you are going to have to spend your hard-earned cash, so you have the right to know whether what is offered by a business is good or not. 

This is why consumers are encouraged to leave reviews, especially if they had a bad experience. Not only you will give the business an idea of what they need to improve on, but you can also prevent other consumers from committing the same mistake. 

You can share your experiences and leave online reviews on the review website and really start a conversation with other consumers and business owners. 

On this platform, you can see all types of consumer reviews, and it will give you a chance to read other online reviews as well and make it your guide on which products to pass up to avoid wasting your bucks. 

The need for review websites

The Internet, although good at times, can be difficult to trust. We all have heard stories about items purchased online that never arrived or items that do not look similar to the one in the photo on the website that you purchased it from. 

Review websites can save you that trouble because you will be able to read first-hand experiences from real customers, and it gives you the chance to weed out the bad businesses. 

What does the Pissed Consumer website do?

What makes Pissed Consumer different is that it has created a community where you can voice out your honest opinion and express what you really feel towards any company. 

Founded in 2006, the platform does not just let you leave feedback and reviews. It also allows you to call customer service, message businesses for solutions to your problems, and even get professional advice from video interviews of industry experts that are posted on their site and official YouTube account. 

You no longer need to hesitate about being honest with your feedback or leaving negative reviews as the site will make sure that you are protected as a consumer.

Why PissedConsumer.com is helpful

The online reviews left by consumers can guide consumers to know which businesses are worth buying from and which businesses will not give you your money's worth. 

No fake reviews

All of the reviews that you will see on the platform are real. All reviews in the platform are scanned by algorithms to make sure that it is not fake.

The content is 100% user-generated, and reviews are based on personal experience. The site provides no filter, so consumers can be genuine about their opinion on numerous services or products. 

The platform has made it very clear that they are strict when it comes to spam and dishonest behavior and will never remove any negative reviews to respect the user's opinion. 

Social media presence

Another thing that makes the site unique is that it has a strong social media presence too. They give consumers a chance to vent out their frustration and use their freedom of speech, not just in written form but also verbally, via their YouTube channel. 

Interviews of industry professionals are also uploaded on the channel, so consumers can learn more about their rights and know what they can do to get justice.

Helping business too

The site does not only focus on consumers; the platform also reaches out to businesses and guides them on how they can improve. 

The videos of industry experts on the platform's YouTube channel also features topics about the different standards that businesses need to follow to avoid low review ratings and to attract more customers. 

PissedConsumer has your back. 

Pissed Consumer is not just here to show product reviews; they actually go the extra mile. The site has developed a chance for consumers to resolve issues by connecting them to a representative from the company they signed up to leave a review about. 

Choose from the options available Call to company, Video interview, Questions & Answers. If you have any pending requests, products or if you have a problem that you wish to be resolved right away, then you can contact the companies directly and the site will assist you. 

If you do not wish to call them, you can choose between "Email this business" and "Private messages" to let the businesses know about their underwhelming services or products. 

Read and review

Despite having negative experiences, there are still a lot of amazing businesses online that follow through with their promises and sell their products as advertised. 

All that needs to be done is read reviews before making a purchase, as it would save you money, time and effort. 

If you find yourself unsatisfied with what you received, it is your right as a consumer to leave an honest review. Not only will you make the business aware of what went wrong, but you can also give other consumers a heads-up. 

PissedConsumer.com is the best site where you can do just about anything as a consumer who had a bad experience. You don't have to worry about leaving a negative comment as the platform is built for that purpose. 

In this platform, the line "the customer is always right" is implemented. 

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