Technology that can Help to Prevent Bike Theft

By Staff Reporter - 30 Nov '20 10:43AM
  • Technology that can Help to Prevent Bike Theft
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A lot of people are currently cycling in order to help the environment, improve their health and save money. Indeed, during the pandemic, more people are purchasing a bike to help them get around town and to avoid public transport.

But the unfortunate news is that bicycle theft has increased over recent months. For instance, from March 1 to September 21 2020, 4477 reports for stolen bicycles were reported to the New York City Police Department. This is an increase of 28 percent compared to 2019 around the same time. The same appears to be happening in other cities around the country, such as Denver. Even cities like London and Brussels are experiencing the same thing.

If you have recently purchased a bike, you know that it can be expensive. Nobody wants their new ride stolen as soon as they take it outdoors. Here are some tips, as well as new technology, you can use to protect your bike and help to prevent bike theft.

Tips for Protecting Your Bike

It doesn't matter where you are going with your bicycle, you want to enjoy peace of mind when you leave it unattended. The best way you can do this is by purchasing a u-lock for your bike. It is going to allow you to secure it to a bike rack. Make sure that you choose a thick and durable lock so that you can lower the risk of it being broken by somebody wanting to take your bike.

Another tip is to watch where you leave your bike. It is going to be best to leave it at a bike rack where it is in view of other people and where there are other bicycles. Sometimes, it is best to leave your bicycle in a crowd. Leaving it in a back alley even if it is locked means that there are fewer people around to act as a deterrent to a thief. If you notice that one of your tires has been popped, make sure that you take your bike home. This can sometimes be an indication that a thief has targeted your bicycle and is going to come back for it later on.

When you are at home, it is best to bring your bike inside. You may think that you live in a quiet neighborhood and your bicycle is going to be safe in your backyard when it is out of sight. But this is not always the case. If you have a garage, you will want to bring your bike insight at night for safety. Some people invest in bike sheds in order to keep their rides safe. Just ensure that you have a secure lock on this shed so that nobody can get in.

One of the best ways to protect your bike is by having bicycle insurance. In the event your bike is damaged or stolen, you can be compensated for your loss. This can be just what you need to get back on the road. It means that if you cannot locate the bike, you will have the money to purchase a new one. The policies are often affordable and worth the investment. You can enjoy peace of mind.

New Technology to Prevent Theft

The good news is that new technology is emerging that can help keep your bicycle safe. For instance, there are now smart locks that you can use to secure your bike outside. This connects to your smartphone and it is going to alert you when the bike is moving. It can also show you the location of the bike. What's more, there are brands that have programmed the smart locks to have very loud alarms in order to deter thieves from trying to steal your bike. There are even models that emit a horrible smell.

A lot of cyclists are investing in a GPS bike tracker. This new technology can alert you if someone is tampering with your bike or it has been moved from where you left it. The tracker is an accessory that you secure to your bike and you can access the information from your smartphone. They are small and lightweight devices that can be hidden so that the thief does not notice. For instance, they can be attached underneath the seat and there are trackers that simply look like lights. While a tracker might not stop someone from stealing your bike, it can provide the information you need to retrieve it or report it to the police.

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