4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Website for Your Small Business

By Staff Reporter - 29 May '20 10:57AM
  • 4 Tips for Creating the Perfect Website for Your Small Business
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You've decided to open up the small business of your dreams. You have your business plan, your location, the products you're going to sell, and now all you have to do is create a website. 

A well-designed site is essential to the success of businesses. 88% of people who shop online are less likely to return to a company's site when they have a terrible experience. As a small business, you want to keep all the customers you can and don't want to lose them just because of a bad website. 

Some key aspects make a website great, and we're going to give you some tips. 

Easy Navigation

It shouldn't be a scavenger hunt when customers go to your website. "Complicated web design gets in the way of a user action," state the experts at brainboxlabs.com. They'll likely leave your site because they're frustrated. 

Making the website as simple as possible to navigate will get clients to where they want to go-one way to do this is by adding tabs with general categories. Customers will then be able to view the specific sections of the website. 

Also, you can add a search tab so that a client can type in a keyword. Then, the result will direct them to things related to that word. Your visitors won't have to try to find the information themselves, and it will be right there for them. 

Good Domain Name 

The domain name of your website is also known as the web address. It should be easy to spell and be short. When possible, create the address with your company's name. Don't add extra numbers or hyphens. It will be harder to remember, which can reduce the number of visits. 

To get more clicks on your website, you should create a domain name with keywords and locations to increase your search engine optimization. This is important to reach more potential customers from browser searches. 

Mobile Friendly

We're done with the days that people only use their computers to look things up. CNBC reported that 72.6% of people who use the internet would access it only through a smartphone by 2025. This is important for business owners to know. 

Creating a mobile-first designed website means that you consider the smaller screen and software of a smartphone before regular computers. You might have to make things more simple on your website, use a different size font, or eliminate features that make mobile navigation complicated. 

Doing this will make the website quicker to load, which is also critical for keeping potential consumers on your page. If the site takes more than a second to load, people will leave at an alarming rate. 

Website Color Scheme

Color is actually crucial for sales purposes because specific colors affect us subconsciously. You can use this knowledge when creating your website to influence clients. 

Orange gets people's attention because it's an energetic, warm color. White creates a wholesome and clean looking website. Blue gives people a feeling of calmness and trust. 

Don't overpower your website with too much color, that's distracting. It's a good idea to pick one highlight color and then some neutrals to compliment it. Add color to things you want your customers to notice right away. 

The Bottom Line

Creating the perfect website can take some work, but it can help your business succeed. You want to make sure your page is helping your business and not deterring clients away. 

Some tips to remember are to make it easy to navigate, create the right domain name, make sure it's mobile-friendly, and have an appropriate color schem

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