New Year, New City: How to Explore Perth in 2020

By Staff Reporter - 05 Feb '20 10:52AM
  • New year, new city: how to explore Perth in 2020
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Boasting sunshine and a vast coastline of sparkling blue water backed by a grand city skyline, Perth is a melting pot of both natural and manmade beauty. Rather than jet setting to all of your typical summer destinations, why not try something different and opt for a long haul trip to this Australian city in 2020? Located on the southwest coast, there's always something to do in Perth. Whether you're a sunseeker or want to immerse yourself in Western Australia's culture, you'll find it all in this contemporary city.

Getting around

As the fourth most populated city in Australia, you can imagine that Perth is busy and bustling. While you can use public transport to get to some areas, they stick to specific routes and schedules. This means you'll have to work your day around their times, which is far from practical. Consider booking a hire car in Perth; not only will this help you avoid sticking strictly to bus times and finding stops, you can take your time enjoying the many wonderful sights of sunny Perth. Plus, you can head out into other Aussie cities - what could be better?

Must-see attractions

With so much to do in Perth, it can be tricky deciding where to go first or what to prioritise. If you're feeling overwhelmed by all of the choices, start with the following must-see attractions to make sure you don't miss out on some of the best activities Perth has to offer.

Swan River

Framed by a modern city landscape, Swan River is the perfect spot to soak up the great weather and enjoy a lazy summer stroll. Nature meets modern structures at this site, offering incredible views of the city ahead while being equally immersed in greenery. The typically beaming sun reflects off the sparkling blue water, creating a natural crystalline look that nobody can resist. Whether you want to cool off with a swim, enjoy a picnic by the water's edge or go for a spot of boating, you can do so in peace at Swan River.

Kings Park

Renowned for being one of the largest and most beautiful inner city parks in the world, Kings Park is home to a wealth of blooms. Part botanical garden and part natural bushland, you could spend hours exploring the 400.6-hectare park, which looks over Perth's grand business district.

As well as an array of blooms, you'll spot some of this city's most iconic native trees, such as Christmas trees, eucalyptus and karri. Not only that, but there's a striking glass and steel sky bridge that offers unbeatable views of the park. Hungry while on your walk? Don't worry, there are plenty of cafes and kiosks dotted around Kings Park, so you're never too far away from a delicious meal.

Art Gallery of Western Australia

Indulge your arty side with a trip to one of Perth's most popular museums. Located in the heart of the city, the Art Gallery of Western Australia offers an extensive collection of art including Indigenous pieces and artists exclusive to the country. However, there are a wide range of other types of art from all around the world with the gallery often hosting one-off events and temporary exhibitions.

Cottesloe Beach

Undoubtedly the glistening jewel of Perth, Cottesloe Beach offers a long stretch of pure white sand melting into crystal blue water. This beautiful beach is framed by tall green trees and the colours create a burst of vibrancy against the pale sand. While it may be the perfect place to sit and relax, you can get involved in snorkelling and surfing too, allowing you to live out your Aussie surfer dreams. There are a plethora of surrounding restaurants and bars; enjoy a day at the beach before soaking up the sunset with a glass of wine.

Whether you want to explore the beach or engulf yourself in greenery, Perth has something to offer everyone. As the capital of Western Australia, you can expect to experience the buzzing yet relaxed atmosphere that has become synonymous with the country.

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