Vintage Jewellery is Trending this Fall Season

By Staff Reporter - 18 Oct '19 12:06PM
  • Vintage Jewellery is Trending this Fall Season
  • (Photo : Vintage Jewellery is Trending this Fall Season)

This fall season bold jewellery pieces are taking center-stage with hefty gold chain-link necklaces and bulbous pearl earrings. It's no surprise then that vintage jewellery is also rising in popularity due to the fact that many vintage items sport large pendants and chains, making them the perfect statement piece.

As wardrobe choices tone down into neutrals, browns, topes, and oranges to match the season, these bold jewellery pieces stand out and add a pop of drama to any outfit. Vintage jewellery also adds an air of class to these neutral, sophisticated outfits, which is part of the reason why they're so popular.

More Vintage Jewellery Becoming Available

When looking to sell jewellery (especially antiques) people want to go to an antique buyer that they can trust. A store like Muzeum will offer the best prices for vintage items like old jewellery, and is also the place to go if you want to sell gold, silver, war memorabilia, coins, and other collectibles.

Decluttering has been a huge trend of late (largely thanks to Marie Kondo) and so a number of people have been clearing out their basements, attics, and storage, all in an effort to get rid of items they no longer need. It's not uncommon to find treasures like vintage jewellery in the process, and many of these pieces get sold to antique buyers in the hopes that they will make their way to people who will truly appreciate them.

Do Your Research

Before beginning your search for pieces to add to your own collection, first learn how to determine the value of vintage jewellery. This will give you a leg-up in the process of haggling when you visit antique stores to make a purchase.

1. Check for Hallmarks

Hallmarks can be found on the inside of a band, on the clasps of necklaces, and on the post of earrings. They are meant to indicate precious metal count. For example, gold items will have 10K/417 (41.6%), 14K/585 (58.3%), 18K/750 (75%), or 22K/917 (91.6%) hallmarks. Others can also indicate the country of origin, designer, or manufacturer.

2. Check the Weight

Fake vintage pieces usually feel fake - particularly because of how much they weigh. Precious metal is heavy, so if you pick up a large gold-link chain but it lacks heft, then you're likely dealing with an imitation item.

3. Check for Prongs

In fine jewellery pieces, prongs are generally used to hold precious stones in place. You can see this in rings and pendants, as well as brooches, where each is stone set in an intricate bezel or prong setting (pearls are the only exception).

Imitation pieces, on the other hand, are typically glued into place. If you see any kind of glue used in an item you're interested, just turn the other way! This item is definitely not an antique and you should definitely consider shopping somewhere else.

Classic Fall Look

If you're looking for a truly classy fall look, then vintage jewellery is the way to go. Just make sure you know what you're buying, that way you don't end up with a knock-off that's worth way less than you paid.

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