Donald Trump

Donald Trump warns Republican lawmakers about Obamacare vote

Trump Warns GOP Congressmen About "Losing Their Seats" If Obamacare Is Not Repealed

By Marguerite Chang - Mar 22, 2017 05:30 AM EDT

US President Donald Trump pays Capitol Hill a visit to remind Republicans of making good their election promise - to repeal and replaced Obamacare.

Donald Trump Delivers Address To Joint Session Of Congress

President Trump Delivers First Speech In Congress; Tone Conciliatory And Upbeat; [Full Transcript Here]

By Marguerite Chang - Mar 01, 2017 05:30 AM EST

President Donald Trump faces Congress for the first time and delivered his speech. He highlighted key points like illegal immigration and health care.

President-Elect Donald Trump Holds Post Election Rally In Orlando, Florida

New Browser Plug-in Launched For Users to Determine Accuracy of Donald Trump's Tweets

By Audrey - Dec 22, 2016 09:17 PM EST

The Washington Post just launched a new technological solution to make sure people know the accuracy of President-elect Donald Trump's statements on Twitter.

Who Is The First Lady

Presidential Transition: Who Will Take The First Lady Position? Will It Be Ivanka Trump Or Melania Trump? Who Decides?

By Archer Ferguson - Dec 22, 2016 08:34 PM EST

Ivanka Trump is a success in her own right being a model, an empress of wide-ranging businesses in fashion and media. Now, she is a Presidential daughter facing grace under pressure.

Electoral College Voters Cast Ballots Amid Protests

Donald Trump Won The Electoral College: What Is The Future Of The Electoral College With The Incoming US President?

By Archer Ferguson - Dec 19, 2016 11:20 PM EST

Anti-Trump campaigns failed to block Donald Trump becoming the next US President when the Electoral College result prevailed. Faithless voters surfaced but still Trump got more than 270 votes.

USS Stennis Conducts Operations in Philippine Sea

Global Crisis: China To Return US Underwater Drone Seized In International Water. Read On Pentagon's Different Reaction

By Michael Davis - Dec 19, 2016 01:01 PM EST

a formal complaint of the seizure was already filed by the United States against China. The Underwater drone is a research vehicle reading the ocean condition.

Electoral College

US Election: Convening Electoral College To Set Final election Result. Will Donald Trump Get Their Favor?

By Michael Davis - Dec 19, 2016 01:00 PM EST

The fate of the United States now falls to the Electoral College. The course of the US Election may change after all votes are submitted by all electoral representatives.

Chinese Factory Produces Donald Trump Masks

As The Drone Dispute Escalates, Who Will Blink First: China Or The U.S.?

By Victoria Stark - Dec 19, 2016 11:13 AM EST

In the latest development in the verbal skimish over China's appropriation of a U.S. underwater drone near the Philippine Sea, Beijing says they are prepared to go on a 'wrist-fight' with the U.S. This statement was made even before President-elect Donald Trump turned down their offer to return it and said, "Keep it." Let's see what happens next.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

US Senators Call For Probe Of Cyber Attacks By Russia: Could They See The Possibility That Other Countries Are Breaching US Security?

By Archer Ferguson - Dec 19, 2016 04:23 AM EST

The US Senate taking the necessary action is on the right track showing that intervention from other countries such as the alleged Russian Cyber Attack is a concern of the Government and not of their party.

Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games - Closing Ceremony

John Legend Disappointed With Kanye West for Meeting Donald Trump [Tweets]

By Najia Aziz - Dec 17, 2016 06:10 AM EST

The famous R&B singer has said he was “disappointed” with Kanye West for meeting Donald Trump. He is a man who has been so “corrosive to the country”.

Trump Holds Summit With Technology Industry Leaders

Donald Trump to Silicon Valley Execs: "I'm here to help"

By Audrey - Dec 15, 2016 08:38 AM EST

When the meeting between President-elect Donald Trump and the nation's top tech executives took place, one could easily take it as an episode of The Apprentice. He set his expectations and made everything clear. He also assured everyone that he was there to help.

US-China Relation

Global Crisis: US Automakers Troubled For Chinese Retaliation; Is This The Effect of Donald Trump's Remarks Against China?

By Archer Ferguson - Dec 15, 2016 06:42 AM EST

The growing tension with the US-China Relation is affecting the world economy and can lead to a global crisis with military confrontation. The US Automakers what China can do with Donald Trump’s remarks.

Kanye West met with Donald Trump at the Trump Tower in NYC

President-Elect Donald Trump Met With 'Life of Pablo' Rapper Kanye West: What Did They Talk About?

By Christon Jervil Ligon - Dec 15, 2016 03:20 AM EST

Kanye West spilt the beans, in a series of tweets, on what he and Donald Trump talked during their meeting Tuesday morning.

Satellite photos show China putting 'weapons' on South China Sea islands

China Installed Weapon System On Contested Territory In South China Sea; Is This The Global Crisis Sparked Dropping The 'One China Policy'?

By Archer Ferguson - Dec 15, 2016 03:10 AM EST

The weapon system installed by China in the South China Sea could really start a global crisis. The United States stand is still unclear but a necessary action is needed.

The Dean of St. Paul Resigns Over the Handling of the Anti-Capitalism Protests

Capitalism And Democracy Are Ending- Says the Economist Who Foresaw Brexit and Trump's Rise Decades Ago

By Victoria Stark - Dec 14, 2016 09:35 AM EST

German economist Wolfgang Streeck says that dark days are ahead, and that capitalism and democracy are on a steep decline. It's hard to ignore his warnings, because he foresaw Brexit and the rise of Trump-like candidates decades ago, when no one was inclined to listen.

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