New Browser Plug-in Launched For Users to Determine Accuracy of Donald Trump's Tweets

By Audrey - 22 Dec '16 21:17PM

The Washington Post just launched a new technological solution to make sure people know the accuracy of President-elect Donald Trump's statements on Twitter.The newspaper owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos through Nash Holdings, his private investment firm, implemented the new browser plug-in for Alphabet's Chrome internet browser this weekend. According to the Post, it puts more context into Trump's tweets.

The Chrome extension is called the RealDonaldContext. This gives out a small blurb beneath Mr. Trump's tweets that may include some contested information. The blurbs either 'fact-check' Trump, or in other instances, just provide additional context. The plug-in was launched for Firefox as well per The Street.

The Post mentioned that this feature hasn't been perfected yet, but at least it will give additional information behind some of the President-elect's tweets. As of Monday, the plug-in had already 13,522 users.

This new feature came at a time where there has been heightened concern regarding 'fake news' in the media. This is an issue that has plagued social media sites including Facebook during the wake of the presidential election.

In a similar manner, Facebook also released it's own solution to the fake news problem. The social media company announced it would start rolling out updates in order to help identify and deal with false/inaccurate posts on the site.

This makes it easier for users to report hoaxes posted on the site. Furthermore, FB will put warnings on stories posted on the site that was flagged by users. Afterwhich third party organizations will determine if the flagged content is true or false. The posts can still be shared but users will receive a warning before they post them. Same thing happens when these appear on their news feeds. Facebook is also finding ways to reducing the financial incentives of spammers who want to make money from posting viral misinformation.

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