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Atlas V OSIRIS-REx Rollout

NASA's Asteroid Hunting Spacecraft OSIRIS-REx Launches to Space on Thursday

By Jess F. - Sep 08, 2016 01:48 PM EDT

NASA's asteroid-hunting spacecraft is scheduled for lift-off today.

An Indian Circus

Authorities Alarmed As Reports of "Creepy Clown" Luring Kids into the Woods Increased

By Jess F. - Sep 08, 2016 01:48 PM EDT

In North Carolina, reports about sighting of creepy clowns luring kids into the woods with treats have drastically increased in the last few days prompting police forces to investigate on the matter.

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

Is Snapchat Developing its Own Augmented Reality (AR) Device?

By Jess F. - Sep 08, 2016 01:48 PM EDT

Rumors say that Snapchat is developing an AR device after it purchased a smart-glass developer and its recent move to join a Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

Detroit Hosts Flagship North American International Auto Show

Tesla Superbatteries Can Go 650 Miles In One Charge

By Jess F. - Sep 07, 2016 11:59 AM EDT

Tesla is still improving its electric cars by upgrading its batteries, which researchers say can go as fast a 650 miles on one charge.

Apple iPhone 6s And 6s Plus Launches In Australia

iPhone 7 to Revolutionize Listening with No Head Phone Jack?

By Jess F. - Sep 07, 2016 11:59 AM EDT

People are reacting to rumors about the new Apple iPhone 7 not having a headphone jack.

ESA Attempts To Land Probe On Comet

Lost Philae Comet Lander Found On a Dark Crevice on Comet

By Jess F. - Sep 07, 2016 11:59 AM EDT

The European Space Agency (ESA) announced that they have found the lost comet lander Philae.

Expedition 48 Soyuz Docking

Crew from the ISS Landed Back to Earth after Completing Duty in Space

By Jess F. - Sep 07, 2016 11:59 AM EDT

Three crewmembers from the International Space Station (ISS) safely landed back to Earth.

NASA's Dawn Spacecraft Sends back Pictures Of Vesta Asteroid

Ice Volcanoes on Ceres Baffles Scientists

By Jess F. - Sep 06, 2016 09:24 AM EDT

The dwarf planet Ceres possesses rare attributes as NASA's Dawn spacecraft discovered ice volcanoes on its surface.

Phoenix Mars Lander Arrives On Mars

Teenager to Pick Mars Landing Site for NASA?

By Jess F. - Sep 06, 2016 09:24 AM EDT

NASA lauds a teenager and his proposal to identify potential Mars 2020 rover landing site on the red planet.

Bare-Chested Freddie

"Rockstar" Asteroid Named After Freddie Mercury

By Jess F. - Sep 06, 2016 09:23 AM EDT

The 70th birthday of Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury was celebrated by the International Astrological Union by naming an asteroid after the singer.

ISS Astronaut Salutes Leonard Nimoy

NASA Celebrates Star Trek's 50th Anniversary

By Jess F. - Sep 06, 2016 09:15 AM EDT

NASA commemorates the 50th anniversary of the popular TV and movie franchise, Star Trek.

Jupiter's Satellites

NASA' Juno Spacecraft Captured Never Before Images of Jupiter's Pole

By Jess F. - Sep 05, 2016 03:00 PM EDT

Juno completed its first flyby to Jupiter on Aug. 27 and it had managed to capture an image of Jupiter's North Pole revealing weather formation and storm systems.

SpaceX: The Privately Funded Aerospace Company Founded By Elon Musk

How SpaceX Explosion Affects Israeli Company Space Plans

By Jess F. - Sep 05, 2016 11:00 AM EDT

The explosion of SpaceX' Falcon 9 rocket did not only affect Facebook's mission to beam Internet to remote areas, it has dampened the satellite industry of Israel as well. An Israeli company created Facebook's Amos-6 satellite.

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