Blue Origin Comes Up With Space Tourism Capsule; Newest Space Travel Passenger Capsule Comes With Great Interior And Large Windows

By Jeff Thompson - 30 Mar '17 18:54PM

Jeff Bezos revealed the space tourism capsule of his space research firm Blue Origin, and it comes with stunning interiors and large windows. The capsule is named as the New Shepard passenger capsule, and it would help the customers to travel to space for a brief period. It is mostly designed to meet the tourism needs of the firm and not supposed to use for the deeper universe excursions, but can be used as a micro-gravity laboratory, according to the information available from Blue Origin.

The capsule has sleek and stylish black seats which can be tilted back during take-off, as this can help the travelers to face up while traveling. But, once they reach suborbital space, they can get out of the seats and experience the weightlessness in the cabin and enjoy space through the windows. Since the new vehicle is limited to suborbital space, there is no option for looping around the Earth. Interestingly, the firm aims to make the flight for 11 minutes for the space tourists.

The new vehicle has made a number of successful test flights per the information available from the firm, using its reusable rocket engine. The firm also confirmed that it used some those already-used rocket engines to re-launch the capsule. Bezos confirmed that as the vehicle is using a reusable engine, it reduces the expenses of the space flight significantly. He further confirmed the firms has plans to arrange trips to higher altitudes when its New Glenn orbital rocket is ready for its mission.

According to the current schedule, the firm is planning for its human test flights by the end of 2017, and it would start customer flights by 2018. Though there are no bookings that have been started, nor any ticket prices available yet, the firm's website has the option to sign up for the updates from Blue Origin. Interestingly, Virgin Atlantic is also in its mission to make flights to space, and recently, the firm hit the headlines by offering a seat to Stephen Hawking.

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