Pokémon GO News And Updates: Golden Magikarp Would Continue, Though, Water Festival Is Over, New Update On The Way

By Jeff Thompson - 30 Mar '17 07:04AM

The Water Festival in Pokémon GO was considered to a hit as it could engage many gamers comfortably with rare water Pokemon such as Magikarp. Though the event is over by now, the developer Niantic has confirmed that people can still find Magikarp while playing the game. Additionally, the mobile game brings a new update for Android, and it brings some minor bug fixes.

The water festival event of Pokémon GO ended by March 29 which added a number of monsters such as Squirtle, Totodile, Magikarp, and more. Magikarp also came with special type hat, and that made the event more colorful. Now, the developer has announced on its Twitter account that rare golden Magikarp would continue in the game and asked the gamers to trace them down. However, there are reports suggesting the numbers of the Pokemon will be less compared with the times of the event.

Reports are confirming new Pokemon events like Water Festival can be expected in future. Interestingly, there would have at least one shiny Pokemon added into the game during the event period. Considering the perception that the new event was a success as many gamers expressed their positive opinion in social media and other platforms, Niantic would look to add more flavors to the game as there were reports that people were abandoning or less engaging to the game a few months back.

The developer also brought a new update to the game called 0.59.2., to fix some UI bugs and game crash issues in the game. But, not everyone find the issues have been fixed with the update. Also, there are reports that some people only experienced an addition of two game sponsors. Considering Easter is just two weeks away, Niantic is expected to come with an Easter event which includes Easter eggs, shiny Pokemon, and more. An announcement regarding the same can be expected in the coming days.

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