Trade Talks Up For Richard Sherman, But Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Think It Is Unlikely

By Jeff Thompson - 30 Mar '17 18:57PM

There are a number of teams working to get the star cornerback of Seattle Seahawks, Richard Sherman to their team. But, the coach of the Seahawks Pete Carroll confirms a move is highly unlikely. However, he confirmed that there were trade talks in the team around him. Also, there were reports that the New England Patriots tried to recruit Sherman before signing up Stephon Gilmore to the team.

Carroll said a number of teams called up the management showing interest to recruit him with a deal. But, the management of Seahawks thinks that Sherman is a great asset to the team, and there is no possibility of letting him go away. Also, there are no such trade talks that is happening for any of its players. But, Carroll continued and said he knows why teams are looking for Sherman and how important he is to a team. It means that the team is ready for business, but it should be highly beneficial to Seahawks.

According to the information available, Sherman has two more seasons with Seahawks with caps of $13.6 million for 2017 and $13.2 million for 2018. The Super Bowl XLVIII-winning team member has been awarded as the NFC Defensive Player of the Year 2014. In the 2016 season, he did 58 combined tackles, defended 13 passes, and completed four interceptions. There were reports that he was attending the matches with a sprained MCL in the right knee, and it was only reported after the season. Seahawks luckily escaped from the NFL investigation for not disclosing the injury that time.

Sherman is considered to be one of the best cornerbacks in the recent years with consistent performance, and no match misses in the last six years. He is also voted three times as First Team All-Pro. Considering his caliber, it was a surprise to many when the news reports regarding a possible trade of Sherman broke out.

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