NFL Is Getting These Eight Changes According To The Latest Meeting; Game Rules Bound To Change

By Jeff Thompson - 29 Mar '17 18:45PM

The recent meeting of NFL owners decided on a number of rules and changes from the way NFL is currently running. Interestingly, the changes are expected to hasten the game and increase the safety of the players. As expected, Oakland Raiders is getting a new home in the next season, and it will use Las Vegas as its new location. The move would give $50 million to each of the NFL franchises.

The most prominent change is that there are no extra point/field goals be allowed leaping over the line of scrimmage. It has also been agreed to ban crack-back blocks, which created a number of serious injuries in the recent years. Since it was done by a backfield player, usually the victim don't expect the hit, hence, it was considered to be a "gray area" of the game. The game has also got an interesting rule without any vivid information as conserving time after a two-minute warning is made illegal but not mentioned how it would be taken forward if exceeded.

The referees will find a better time with officiating the video replays of the game. They can watch the replays using the Surface tablet on the field and Dean Blandino, the League officiating chief, and his staff will make the final decision on such calls. This means that the replays are going through a centralized review. It also brought some changes in the bylaws and brought some new items as well. The non-football employees can change the team during the season.

Few changes proposed such as reducing the overtime of regular season matches from 15 minutes to 10 minutes is yet to take a call. It is reported that the subject would be considered in the May meeting scheduled in Chicago. The suggestion to give an option for coaches to challenge any officials except turnovers and scoring plays have been voted down in the meeting. Proposal to give the third challenge for coaches when one of the two challenges was correct is withdrawn from voting as well.

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