Eczema Cure Updates; Dupixent Gets Approval From FDA; Cost, Effect And More

By Jeff Thompson - 29 Mar '17 18:50PM

Dupixent, a new drug developed for treating eczema has got the approval of Food and Drug Administration on March 28. It comes as an injection for adults to treat moderate-to-severe eczema and recommended for people who can't be relieved from topical therapies. The twice-a-month injection that is administered under the skin will reportedly cost $37,000 a year.

Incidentally, it is approved for people suffering from atopic dermatitis, a type of eczema. The information from the FDA states the cause of atopic dermatitis as combination of immune, environmental, and genetic factors. The skin forms red colored and the scaly crusted bumps that are very itchy in nature. It is further reported that the scratching leads to swelling, cracking, and weeping of clear fluid. Finally, it causes the thickening of the skin as well. The condition usually starts in childhood and continues through adulthood.

The active ingredient of Dupixent is an antibody called dupilumab which inhibits a protein receptor alpha subunit that causes skin inflammation. The results of the Dupixent is verified by three different trials comprising of 2,119 adult participants who faced moderate-to-severe conditions. Altogether, the people got a better response and got clearer skin. They also experienced a reduction in the rate of itching after 16 weeks of the course of the treatment. FDA warns the drug can cause some side effects including eye problems like pink eye or inflammation of the cornea and some serious allergic reactions. People who face worsened effects should consult with the health care provider.

It also warns that people who are suffering from Asthma should continue their course as Dupixent is not effectively proven as a remedy for it. The drug approved to Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., could be a great relief for the estimated 300,000 atopic dermatitis patients in the country. Though the wholesale acquisition cost of the drug is quite high, the actual price to be paid by the patients is expected to come down considering the patient assistance programs, discounts, and rebates.

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