SpaceX Prepares For Unique Feat Of Re-launching Used Rocket; Will They Make It This Time?

By Jeff Thompson - 29 Mar '17 13:53PM

SpaceX is getting ready to re-launch a used Falcon 9 rocket and this time it is expected to make a great feat for the first time in the history of the organization. Interestingly, the launch vehicle will return to the  landing pad once again to make it useful again. The launch is scheduled on Thursday, and if it is successful, it would significantly reduce the cost of space travels.

It was last year, and around the same time, that SpaceX used the current rocket for the first time to send cargo to the International Space Station for NASA, and the vehicle returned to Earth after taking it to ISS. SpaceX has been working on launching the reusable rocket for the last five years. The research for reusable rockets is due to cost of the vehicles as they cost millions while some specific rockets cost few hundreds of millions.

Usually, the Rockets are working on two stages and some cases it may get a third stage. The first stage is the most important part as it pulls up the rocket against gravity and considered to be the most expensive part of the rocket. SpaceX returns this part to the landing pad to use it later and gets refueled to make it fly again. The reports confirm that SpaceX tried to bring back the first stage of 13 launches last year and succeeded nine times.

The space firm is scheduled to launch satellite SES-10, a communication satellite for Latin American countries. Even SES is delighted with the feat as it is going to take part a historic event, and it wished the launch would open a new era of reusable rockets. According to the official information from the space firm, its static fire test has completed, and the firm is getting ready for Thursday's launch. Apart from the launch tweet, the firm is looking to be nonchalant with the re-launch event. Is the firm not very confident with the re-launch?

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