2017 NFL Draft News And Updates: Christian McCaffrey Could Be Spotted In Any Of These Teams

By Jeff Thompson - 28 Mar '17 17:11PM

Christian McCaffrey is known for giving a consistent performance for the last two years as the running back of Stanford. In 2015, he broke the NCCA record of Barry Sander's 3,250 all-purpose yards by completing 3,864. He also completed 2,019 rushing yards in the season. When he is drafted to the 2017 NFL, many teams are looking to recruit him considering how he can be fit in their squad.

The reports suggest that Philadelphia Eagles is looking to add a running back or cornerback in the first round. If the team wanted to make an offensive backfield, there are chances that it might opt either with Dalvin Cook or McCaffrey. Incidentally, McCaffrey gives tough running, explosiveness, and versatility, and this is where he can be a clear fit for Doug Pederson's squad. Even the Indianapolis Colts can also try to recruit him as he can replace aging Frank Gore with same capabilities but with fresh blood.

Another great team which can benefit giving him a spot is the Denver Broncos as the team is expected to rake him in since his father Ed McCaffrey helped the Broncos win two Super Bowl as a wide receiver. Also, the running backs of the team C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker did not show great running skills or passing skills. This may force the team to recruit Christian or another great running back into the team to address the concern.

Similarly, Oakland Raiders also might look to hire him as it knows the skill set of Christian better than any other team as it is located in the proximity of Stanford. During the pre-drafting process, coach Jack Del Rio describing him "great" could be a sign of what can be expected. Incidentally, the team didn't re-sign its running back Latavius Murray, and it might look for a fresh face in the role as it has plenty of time to groom a young person like Christian who is only 20 years old..

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