Climate Change Becomes More Evident: Irregular Jet Streams Causing Extreme Weather Conditions

By Jeff Thompson - 28 Mar '17 17:03PM

Climate change is becoming more evident year after year, and the recent news confirms that the extremity in the climatic condition in the recent years is linked to the irregular jet streams, an effect of carbon emissions. It confirms that the melting of icebergs in the Arctic Circle, changes in climate across Asia, Europe, and North America are ultimately linked to the greenhouse gasses emitted in the atmosphere.

The reports are confirming that the changes in planetary waves have caused drought in California, floods in Pakistan in 2010, and heat waves in U.S. and Russia. It should be noted that planetary waves including jet streams are pattern winds that decide the global weather. Normally it rotates between poles and tropics and moves eastward. Usually, it shows uniform movements, but some temperature changes show a constrained movement of waves. This creates the temperature continues in a particular location for an extended period of more sustained drought, significant amounts of sustained rainfall, etc.

The studies have found that these extended periods are becoming frequent with the global warming. It can be understood in such a way that the temperature change due to global warming is causing a temperature rise in the poles in a drastic way, especially in the Arctic Pole. The rising temperature in Arctic retards or reduces the balance between colder poles and hotter equatorial region that influences the flow of planetary waves including jet streams. It completely changes the pattern of jet streams and how it is flowing.

The studies confirm that the frequent heat waves reported in North America and Europe is mainly due to this flawed jet stream pattern, and all these pattern changes are actually caused by humans. The research team confirms that the changes at the Arctic are happening much faster than they expected. There are other significant consequences including rising sea level due to global warming are also adding more ill effects to humans.

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