Breast-Fed Infants Are Not Necessarily Smarter Than The Rest, Study Says

By Carrie Winters - 28 Mar '17 17:13PM

A new study indicates that children that are breastfed up to six months are less hyperactive at age three. It also is indicated in the study that breastfeeding is not a guarantee for a high IQ.

According to a report, the researchers studied 8,000 children in Ireland. These children were ages 3 and 5 years old. They were given standardized tests in order to measure their cognitive abilities. The research indicated that the breastfed kids had higher scores.

However, it is indicated that the difference in the score does not give enough significance to show the difference in cognitive skills from breastfed kids and the ones who were not breastfed. The scores did not give a direct causal link between cognitive abilities and breastfeeding.

Lisa-Christine Gerard, a child-development researcher at the University of Dublin, shared that there are several factors that may influence a child's intelligence and development. She noted that the results were not surprising for the team.

It is reported that breastfeeding still has good health benefits, especially to a child's immune system. It also has a positive impact on mothers. Breastfeeding has been reported to lessen the risk of breast cancer.

In the meantime, the hyperactivity of children that were breastfed is gone when the child reaches five years old. The study that has been conducted indicated that breastfeeding has benefits for kids and mothers. However, it does not necessarily mean that breastfed infants are smarter than those that were not breastfed.

Meanwhile, this latest research done has been published in the journal Pediatrics. It is a mother's choice if one has to breastfeed their infants. There are still different factors that can shape up a child's intelligence.

Breastfeeding can create a bond between a mother and child which can boost the child's health. However, it is not to be expected that if a mother breastfeeds, the child is smarter than the rest.

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