Largest Dinosaur Footprint Found In Western Australia; Aussie Jurassic Park Wealth Of Information For Researchers

By Carrie Winters - 28 Mar '17 05:38AM

Scientists recently revealed the biggest dinosaur footprint ever found. This largest dinosaur footprint is said to be 5 feet 7 inches long.

According to a report, scientists in Australia announced that a giant dinosaur footprint has been found. The said footprint has been found at the Walmadany beach at the Kimberley region in Western Australia. The researchers had been looking for dinosaur tracks since 2011 up until 2016.

Dr. Steve Salisbury, the lead author of the study shared that there are 150 tracks found in the same area. There may have been large footprints for a while but they may be hard to track since the researchers are looking at different sizes.

The recent giant dinosaur footprint may have been the largest one found in the area. It can be the size of an average American man. Salisbury noted that the area near the Walmadany beach has been the one area that the dinosaur tracks were mostly found.

In the meantime, there already have been different tracks found in the area. These include five type tracks of predatory dinosaurs. There also have been six tracks of footprints from armored dinosaurs also found in the same area. The place has a lot of things to be discovered and it has been called the Australian Jurassic Park.

The largest dinosaur footprint tracked in the area is known to be from a sauropod or long-necked dinosaur. The tracks also indicated that the spiky tailed stegosaurus lived in Australia. The massive markings that can be found in the area are visible during low tide.

Meanwhile, Salisbury and his team of researchers believe that there is more wealth that can be found in the area than just the tracks. They have been working for over 400 hours in surveying the terrain. They know that the area is rich as there had been a time that the area was close to being developed into a gas processing facility.

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