Gold Coin Stolen At The Berlin Museum; 221 Pound Coin One Of The Largest In The World

By Carrie Winters - 28 Mar '17 05:20AM

Thieves stole a massive gold coin at the Berlin museum. The 221-pound gold coin has been stolen in the early hours on Monday.

According to a report, the thieves were suspected of breaking into the museum at 3:30 am. The coin that has been stolen measures 21 inches wide and one inch thick. It is known to be one of the largest coins in the world.

The report indicated that thieves may have broken into the museum through a window. Then they were able to break the cabinet where the gold coin was kept and went away before the police arrived. It is also believed that the thieves were able to set up a ladder for them to climb up into the window. A ladder has been found during the investigation of the theft.

However, there are no details yet on how the thieves managed to pass through the alarm system of the museum. Police spokesman, Winfrid Wenzel shared that the coin was covered with bullet-proof glass inside the building.

It is reported that the coin that had been stolen is in the Guinness Book of World Records for its pure gold at 999.99/1000. The portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is on the one side of the coin and maple leaves can be seen on the other side.

The coin has been produced in limited quantities by the Royal Canadian Mint. That has been to promote the Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins in 2007. The gold coin has been on display at the Berlin Museum since 2010.

Meanwhile, a report indicated that there were already five of the same coin that had been sold so far from the Royal Canadian Mint. The value of the said coin is pegged at $1 million Canadian dollars. However, its weight is more than the amount. It can reach up to $4.5 million worth in the current market.

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