DNA Mistakes Can Cause Cancer, Study Says; Error In Cell Division The Reason?

By Carrie Winters - 24 Mar '17 18:03PM

A new study finds that cancer is caused by mistakes in DNA. These mistakes are said to be random and the study indicates that cancer is not hereditary nor is it due to environmental causes.

According to a report, mistakes in DNA can cause cancer since these errors can multiply the cells uncontrollably. The new study that has been published in the journal Science indicates this study. Scientists found the third cause of cancer is mainly on DNA errors.

It is indicated that when the cell divides, the DNA is being duplicated. The duplication, once it happens, creates an error and may lead to cancer. This study would mean that even if the environment of a person is perfect, it is still likely that one can have cancer.

The study calculated the percentage of cancer due to heredity, environment and random error. It has been found that 66 percent of cancer is caused by random errors, 29 percent were from environmental factors and 5 percent hereditary.

Brain and prostate cancers are caused entirely by random mistakes. The researchers indicated that 95 percent of these cancers had been due to random mistakes on the DNA. These findings were based on the data that has been looked into by the researchers.

A report indicates that healthy cells when they multiply, can eventually lead to a cell that can cause cancer. The study does not also mean that cancer has been mainly caused by these mistakes. It takes multiple mutations for the DNA error to occur.

It is indicated that all experience the mutation of cells within the body. However, some do not get affected since these cells that are DNA errors can be fixed by the immune system. Once the DNA error hit the wrong spot, then there is a big chance that cancer can be developed.

Meanwhile, people can prevent cancer by living a heathy lifestyle. However, these DNA errors occur naturally and cannot be prevented. The new study about the DNA mistakes is an eye-opener to most of the people.

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