'Super Mario Run' News & Update: Update 2.0.0 Added To The Game, What We Know So Far!

By Carrie Winters - 24 Mar '17 18:00PM

"Super Mario Run" has just run on Android. An update on the iOS version has also been launched for the game.

According to a report, "Super Mario Run" is already available on the Google Play Store. It can already be downloaded by Android users. The game has already been released for iOS and it has new updates recently together with the version for Android.

"Super Mario Run" ran exclusively on iOS for three months. The game had more than 78 million downloads. This has been reported by Nintendo in January. Android users can already enjoy the game since it also has been launched for the platform.

The game is a free download on the android devices and has a one-time fee of $10. The fee will let players unlock the levels in the game. These levels for "Super Mario Run" include the worlds 1-4 and beyond. The players can already give the game a try for all Android users.

In the meantime, a new update for "Super Mario Run" has also been launched. The update 2.0.0 is already available for iOS users. The update includes new players for the game. The users can already choose from Red, Blue, Yellow and Purple Yoshi. These characters will go with the Green Yoshi.

The update also gives players the chance to do more in "Super Mario Run" before paying for the download. The update will also give players to complete one Bowser's challenges in the free mode. This level enables the players to unlock course 1-4.

The update also means that players of "Super Mario Run" can move on to the game. These updates can be experienced with Android and iOS. In addition to the update 2.0.0, players who are able to unlock the levels are also given the Toad Rally courses. New buildings are also added to Super Mario Run in the update 2.0.0.

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