DNA Mistakes Can Cause Cancer

DNA Mistakes Can Cause Cancer, Study Says; Error In Cell Division The Reason?

By Carrie Winters - Mar 24, 2017 06:03 PM EDT

A new study indicates that DNA mistakes can be a cause for cancer. The DNA that is duplicated can eventually turn a healthy cell into a cancer cell.


Newly Discovered Genes That Affect Autism; Each Gene Helps Explain How Autism Works

By Carrie Winters - Mar 08, 2017 05:30 AM EST

There are 18 newly discovered genes that are linked to autism. This has been researched through DNA scan and the study has been published on the Nature Neuroscience.

'DNA' Of Ancient Women

'DNA' Of Ancient Women Closely Related To Far East Asians

By Carrie Winters - Feb 03, 2017 08:23 PM EST

A study indicates that the "DNA" of 7700-year old women is similar to the people who live in Asia today. The study indicates that the population across northern East Asia has little changes in the past years.

Liquid Biopsy

Liquid Biopsy Could Become The New Way Of Cancer Diagnosis

By Dipannita - Jun 06, 2016 08:03 PM EDT

The traditional biopsy procedure is often painful and time-taking for the cancer patients. However, the importance of conducting a biopsy to see the changes in the tumor cells cannot be underestimated.

Nile Crocodiles in Miami

Florida Invaded By Man-Eating Nile Crocodiles

By Jenn Loro - May 22, 2016 09:28 PM EDT

Researchers in Florida have recently confirmed that the three crocodile specimens they discovered in 2009 belong to the Nile species native to Africa. How they found their way in the Sunshine State remains a mystery as the state grapples with the problem of fighting off another invasion by foreign species that is costing taxpayers half a billion dollars every year to eradicate.

Man-eating crocodile

Man-Eating Nile Crocodiles In Florida Might Populate Everglades: Warning

By R. Siva Kumar - May 21, 2016 05:27 PM EDT

Three man-eating Nile crocodiles in Miami have been confirmed by scientists, who warn that successful reproduction may lead to an Everglades population.


Scientists Locate Genes Behind Width And 'Pointiness' Of Human Nose

By R. Siva Kumar - May 21, 2016 05:27 PM EDT

University of College London researchers have pinpointed the four genes that are mainly behind the shape of the human nose, especially its width and "pointiness."


How Did The Giraffe Stick Its Long Neck Out Forever?

By R. Siva Kumar - May 20, 2016 01:42 PM EDT

Scientists find that the tallest mammals evolved their longest necks due to fights with their strong competitor mates.

synthetic human genome

Secret Harvard Meeting Moots Creation Of Synthetic Human Genome

By R. Siva Kumar - May 16, 2016 10:47 AM EDT

Scientists at a secret Harvard University Medical School meeting on Tuesday thrashed out the possible creation of a synthetic human genome.


Creating RNA In Water Puddle Gives Insight Into Prebiotic Earth

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 26, 2016 09:48 AM EDT

Scientists created a couple of potential RNA nucleotide ancestors in order to better understand the chemical processes leading to the formation of life on earth.

White button mushrooms

Genetically 'Edited' Mushroom Bypasses GMO Food Rules Through Regulatory Loophole

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 16, 2016 07:43 AM EDT

A white button mushrom that was edited using CRISPR will not be regulated by the USDA due to a regulatory loophole.


Life's Essential Ingredient Ribose Can Be Found On Comets: Study

By Peter R - Apr 11, 2016 11:14 AM EDT

The experiment to create ribose in conditions similar to that of a comet's icy surface strengthen the theory that a comet or asteroid strike could have triggered life on Earth.


Neanderthal Y Chromosome Genes May Not Have Been Compatible With Humans

By R. Siva Kumar - Apr 09, 2016 09:03 AM EDT

Some part of the Neanderthal Y-chromosome genes disappeared from humans when they interbred.


Genome Modified Mosquito Is Resistant To Malaria

By Peter R - Nov 25, 2015 09:16 AM EST

Researchers modified the genome of the mosquito to develop resistance to the malarial parasite and pass on the resistance.

Supercoiled DNA Images Reveal Intricate, Dynamic Arrangement

By Kanika Gupta - Oct 13, 2015 04:45 PM EDT

Researchers take a grander look at the study of DNA. We all know iconic double helix isolated molecules that form a DNA

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