Dunkin Donuts Adds New Delights To The Menu; Coffee Coolatta Out, New Blends In

By Carrie Winters - 24 Mar '17 17:59PM

Dunkin Donuts just rolled out a new menu for spring. The new menu will take away the Coffee Coolatta. This time, customers will be able to order different coffee-blended drinks.

According to a report, Dunkin Donuts is cleaning out its menu and will have more coffee-blended drinks. The Coffee Coolatta will be taken out from the list and there will be a new "Frozen Dunkin Coffee." This is a new blended beverage from Dunkin Donuts.

Chris Faqua, Dunkin Donuts' senior vice president of brand marketing shared that the Coffee Coolatta has not been enough to create a buzz. The new Frozen Dunkin Coffee will give customers some new flavor to the beverage.

Faqua noted that the Frozen Dunkin Coffee is made from a special coffee extract mixed with ice and dairy. The new product also will give customers a more energizing coffee drink. It seems that fans of Dunkin Donuts will have a new taste to look forward to.

In the meantime, Dunkin Donuts is also rolling out new doughnuts and a breakfast sandwich. The new food added to the menu is the Chocolate Pretzel Donut and Peanut Butter Delight Croissant Donut. These are the new list to the menu that can be paired with the new list of beverages.

The Spring Flowers Donut will also be brought back by Dunkin Donuts to the menu. The Chocolate pretzel donut features a glazed chocolate cake with sweet caramel icing drizzles on it. Salty crushed pretzels are also added as a topping to this new doughnut.

The Peanut Butter Delight Croissant donut is a glazed croissant that has peanut butter buttercream filling and a chocolate icing drizzle on top. These are the delights that customers can find on the new menu of Dunkin Donuts.

Meanwhile, a report indicated that more customers are getting coffee from Dunkin Donuts lately. The company has a rise in sales to 10 percent this year. It also is reported to be 12 percent higher in the past 12 months.

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