Kids Of Older Mothers Psychosocially More Independent and Well-behaved, Study Says

By Jeff Thompson - 23 Mar '17 18:53PM

A recent study brings good news for older mothers as it found that the kids of mothers advanced in age are psycho-socially more independent, well-adjusted and well-behaved. The report also points out the complexities of late pregnancy, but the results clearly showed the difference in behavioral skills of the kids especially in their younger ages.

The study was conducted by a group of experts from Aarhus University, Denmark as they monitored the data of 4,741 mothers, and their children were assessed at their 7, 11, and 15 ages. It brought a number of surprising facts. It showed that the older mothers scolded their children less and they had considerably fewer behavioral issues. The advantages associated with the older mothers are extended to their children during the school age and decline before attaining 15 years. The result also showed that the average pregnancy age of the women are steadily going up and currently it stands at 30.9 years.

The average age reveals that many children are born when their mother was about 30 years old. Also, the number of women getting pregnant after 40 has been quadrupled since 1985. The researchers suggested that the behavioral maturity of the late children could be due to their mothers' stable relationships, better education level, and increased access to resources. The study also showed that older women worry less during the pregnancy period and are more happy and positive in becoming parents. Also, they keep a positive attitude towards their children.

While considering the age factor, the researchers indicated that a number of reasons making women have children late in their 30s or 40s. It includes people live longer, women started pursuing their educational requirements and career goals, and contraception methods have improved. However, the older mothers exhibit greater physical complications during pregnancy than younger women. It includes a number of risks like miscarriage, children with deformities, and premature birth.

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