Bryan Stork Of New England Patriots Says Good Bye To The Grounds: Retires At 26?

By Jeff Thompson - 23 Mar '17 19:01PM

The former center of New England Patriots, Bryan Stork, decided to retire from the football at the age of 26. After hardly spending two seasons, the developments made him move away from the grounds. He was considered to be a frequent victim of injuries, and that made a number of dramatic events in his career and finally put a full stop to it.

"I won't say I am retiring as I'm only 26. However, I decided to stay away from playing football which I loved a lot," Stork posted on Twitter. "While trying to fulfill my childhood dream, I got the support and assistance of my family, coaches, and friends in my side to drive me where I needed to go." Stork selected into the Patriots as the fourth round pick in 2014 NFL Draft. During his college career, he was considered to be one of the best centers in the nation, but he couldn't make rhythm continued in the big league.

In 2016 season, he created a different story in the team as Patriots planned to cut him and later tried to sell him to Washington Redskins. But, before the announcement of trade, he thought of retiring from football. However, after a potential trade, he decided to stay back in the game, but he failed in the physical test in Washington and this canceled the trade and led him being released from the team. He also opted for other teams, but none of those plans worked out, and he couldn't play in the last season.

He was subjected to injuries from the first season and faced a neck injury and concussions. During his college career, he led Florida State to win 2013 national championship as a starter. The next year, he enjoyed the success of Super Bowl XLIX with Patriots - a rare achievement of winning college football championship and Super Bowl in back-to-back seasons.

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