Stars Go Out To Celebrate National Puppy Day; Adopt Don't Shop Pushed

By Marguerite Chang - 23 Mar '17 21:16PM

Thursday was one of the "cuteness overload" day as Americans celebrate the National Puppy Day. The stars went out of their way to celebrate together with the furry member of their families as well. Not surprisingly, #NationalPuppyDay was trending the whole day on Twitter as well.

Stars like Sarah Gellar, Betty White and Drew Barrymore share photos of their beloved pets. Lori Loughlin of "Fuller House" posted a photo of how her dog takes over her spot on the bed when she gets out of bed to get a glass of water.

Mark Hamill share photos of his adopted pets Millie and Mabel. He encouraged people not to shop for dogs but instead adopt. Hamill is all for rescuing pets who will be put to sleep for various reasons. He doesn't see any sense on buying at pet shops when there's a lot of dogs who needed to be rescued at the shelters.

 National Puppy Day is not only celebrated in the US but it is actually an international event. This special day is created so that people are aware that there's a lot puppies that need to be in loving homes. The movement began in 2006 and it was founded by Colleen Paige, Author and Celebrity Pet & Home Lifestyle Expert. She also began the National Cat Day and National Dog Day.

The day was celebrated all over the country with dog adoption events. Information about shelters and programs that benefited the orphaned puppies that were available for adoption. Stories about people's experiences about how they rescued their dogs from the shelter were shared all over the internet as well. Today share in their website a story of one owner who wrote that "one time a stray, starving puppy followed us on the beach and changed our lives forever. Love you Tobillo. #NationalPuppyDay," he wrote.

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