Sears Doubtful About The Business' Future; Future Unclear Amidst Declines Of Shares

By Carrie Winters - 23 Mar '17 05:30AM

Sears finally admits that the future of the business is unclear. The company has revealed the doubts about its business to continue just recently.

According to a report, Sears' shares closed down to 12 percent this Wednesday. In fact, the company shared in a report that the company's ability to pursue the business is unclear. It is also indicated that the company has been closing some stores.

Sears, however, will continue to find ways in order to do their financial obligations. The company has admitted that it has indeed experienced some decline, in sales. However, it also is looking at getting all the debts fixed by 2018. A report indicated that whatever Sears does in order to boost the company's sales, it will not be enough for it to move on in the future. It seems that the company may further be closing stores because of the decline in sales.

Sears have always been dominating the department store chain retail for decades. The uncertainty of its future for business has just come out and it may be back to once it was if the company borrows more money more than its assets. In the meantime, Sears planned to close 150 stores in January. This decision had been to cut down the cost of the company in order to regain the status. There may be other strategies that management will undertake in order to pay off debts and continue to have enough for expenses.

Meanwhile, Sears had been founded in 1886. It had all the materials that are needed to build a house. The company then went on expanding and had more than enough merchandise from jewelry to furniture. In February, Sears had a significant decline in the sales and started to have doubts if the company is capable of raising funds for it to survive. This time, the company is still doubtful about the future of its business.

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