New Shrimp Fossil Named In Honor Of Sir David Attenborough; Fossil Is 430 Million Year-Old Crustacean

By Carrie Winters - 23 Mar '17 05:30AM

Scientists recently discovered a shrimp fossil and named it after Sir David Attenborough. The fossil is a 430-million-year old crustacean.

According to a report, the fossil that had been discovered by scientists recently is of a 430-million-year old crustacean. This has been unknown to science before. The scientists are naming the proto-shrimp after the British naturalist and TV personality David Attenborough.

This latest discovery of the shrimp fossil can be a start to understanding better on the evolution of crustacean. It has been named in honor of Attenborough because of the meaning of the personality's surname. Cascolus Ravitis is the name of the shrimp fossil discovered.

It is indicated that Cascolus is a Latin word with a combination of castro which means stronghold and colus that means dwelling in. The meaning of these words also inspires the naturalist's surname. Ravitis also is an inspiration of the campus where Attenborough grew up.

The University of Leicester had been the campus where Attenborough spent most of his childhood years. This has been when his father served as principal of the university. Ravitis is a combination of the Latin words Ratae which is the Roman name for Leicester and Vitae meaning life.

In the meantime, a polar research vessel was also named in honor of Attenborough before. This is another discovery that has been named in honor after the naturalist. The shrimp fossil named after Attenborough has also been in honor of his 90th birthday.

The shrimp fossil has been preserved enough to know that this new discovery is another study to find out about the crustacean species. This new fossil discovered is also an indication that the fossil has been from a new species.  Meanwhile, there have been several discoveries that have been named in honor of Attenborough. The fossil shrimp that has recently been discovered is the latest one added to the list.

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