'Mulan' Live Action Adaptation News & Update: Niki Caro To Direct, Film Will Not Have Songs In It, What We Know So Far!

By Carrie Winters - 23 Mar '17 05:30AM

Disney just aired its live-action adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast." It is now in development to working for the live-action adaptation of "Mulan." The film is set to move on to a different direction.

According to a report, director Niki Caro is the one to work on the latest Disney live-action adaptation for "Mulan." This is a Disney story about a young Chinese maiden. She goes on a disguise in order to save her father. Caro shared that there will not be any songs for "Mulan." She added that the film will have a muscular touch with the martial arts from a girl. Caro is reported to be excited about filming the live-action adaptation of the film.

Disney already revealed that the cast for "Mulan" will be taken from Chinese stars. All the primary characters need to be. So far, there have been no specific details about the film as a whole yet. However, it will be filmed and Disney is moving forward in more live-action adaptations.

A report indicated that there are no casts revealed for "Mulan" yet. Caro also added that a production has not begun but the budget and the plot is giving the director a wide scope to work on. This is one film that Disney fans can look forward to after "Beauty and the Beast."

Meanwhile, there were already several live-action adaptations for famous animated films. There were "Cinderella" and "The Jungle Book" that made good in the box office. The latest live-action adaptation of "Beauty and the Beast" that stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens also made big. "Mulan" is next and will move on to be in production soon.

Aside from the already mentioned live-action adaptation films, Disney also is reported to work on the live-action adaptation of the Lion King. It is hinted that the film would star Donald Glover and James-Earl. Mulan is set to air in 2018.

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