Costco Delivers, Partners With Shipt; Customers Can Stay Home And Shop

By Carrie Winters - 22 Mar '17 21:40PM

Costco is delivering customer's orders right to the doorstep. It has partnered with Shipt for grocery delivery service.

According to a report, Shipt is an online grocery delivery service that has taken Costco as part of their clients. This service is available to customers who has the Shipt app and are in the Tampa metro area. This added service from the company is going to be convenient for customers.

It is indicated that the grocery delivery service is already available in San Francisco. Costco has also partnered with Instacart in the area. The delivery service will have Costco reach out to more customers. The customers need to order online in order to get the deliveries.

Shipt grocery delivery service is available for customers with a membership charge of $99 annually. This membership fee includes unlimited delivery service from Costco. Shipt is already servicing more than 35 cities and it plans to expand its services to 50 markets. The online delivery service also added that at the end of the year, there is a goal of 30 million households that can benefit from the service.

This is a positive move for Costco since customers are now used to ordering online. There are also some that want to have the convenience and save time. So instead of going to the physical store, customers would rather stay online and have stuff delivered.

Shipt members have a one-hour window for the groceries to be delivered. Grocery items need to be delivered fast because it may expire or the items may not perish. Costco customers will soon have the grocery items fast and delivered right to the household.

Meanwhile, non-members of Shipt can still have the groceries from Costco delivered. As of this time, Costco and Shipt are working on bringing the service to one market only. However, there will be expansions in the future.

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