London Terror Attack Leaves Four Dead And About 40 Injured

By Marguerite Chang - 22 Mar '17 19:52PM

London has been attacked and the recent tragedy has left at least four dead and 40 injured. The terror attack happened at the Westminster Bridge just outside the UK House of Parliament. Two of the people who died includes the attacker and a police officer. Three police officers are part of the 40 that was wounded.

Wednesday afternoon, the suspect ran over pedestrians at the Westminster Bridge before ramming the fence at the House of Parliament. He then killed PC Keith Palmer, a police officer, using a knife. Palmer has been in the service for 15 years. Police that was guarding the Palace of Westminster shot the attacker killing him as a result.

The Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley has reassured the public that they are doing their best to protect them in every possible way. They are also investigating the "horrific events" and are enhancing their operations to make sure that the country is protected and safe. He adds that the alert level has been labeled as severe for some time already and it will apparently stay the same, especially after the recent terror attack.

Prime Minister Theresa Mary May went out of Downing Street and issued a statement saying that any terror attack done against the country is "doomed to failure" as the Parliament will not be defeated. She praised the police for how they displayed their bravery in protecting the people even if they lost one of their own.

A number of tourists and school children suffered from the attack as well as they were on site when the attack happened. Emergency services were immediately on site as medics attended to the wounded. Westminster was immediately locked down and the MPs were moved to safety.

The world is one in condemning the recent terror attack.

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